Not sure what to upgrade next.

I am kind of at a stalemate with upgrades. I am somewhat frugal and can't forsee paying more than $10 on anything. Even knowing it likely took someone 600+ hours to farm an item doesn't change my penny pinching.

I know I could up my crit chance by about 8% considering all slots. I know my crit damage is somewhat low but I feel comfortable having opted for avg dmg instead. I wish I could find something with all the stats I want but the fact is I haven't found a single upgrade for wiz since my chant wand some months ago. Everything else was around $10 with exception to my mempo and tal chest which cost slightly more but still under $30.

I guess what I am asking is. If you were me what would you aim to upgrade? Would you be content as is?
You are at the point where you should just upgrade to a better version of whatever you have when you see the chance. There is no particular order of items that I can see that you need. Also, yes more crit chance would be nice.

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