What to consider in buying Nat ring?

intel/AR nats with decent stats is indeed very rare... knowing tat I've 60+CC, I would choose a avg dmg/int /CD ring to boost my dps and get the AR stats on rare becoz there's a lot more stats/options u can get from the rare if compared to the limited stats from nats ring. There aren't many sexy tri-nats nowadays and probably u could looked at OS/ tri nats, although might be losing some stats becoiz oif the OS but sometimes they do have high CD/CC stats on it.

@aimless : nice and sexy ring u have there... used to have a avg dmg/int/vit/9/50, sold it to my frenz's brother and I regretted it after knowing tat he sold the ring in less than 2 weeks juz becoz he wanted to gain more dps by changing to zuni setup.

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