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I am playing a single player game. According to the info on Blizzard to trade with my follower I need to accesses the party menu. But I only see a Follower menu. I don't see how I can select an item in my characters inventory and then choose the follower to give it to them.
Does anyone know have to trade items with the follower in Xbox version? Thanks
I cant even find the followers menu, how do you find it? This issue has been bugging me all week, I have a ton of stuff in my stash waiting to give to my followers and I too cant figure out how to give them it.
Got it figured now. @Clownin you got the follower tab once you have a follower. It's the third one, inventory, skills, follower etc
What I didn't realise was that the equipment I see is the equipment in my inventory that the follower can equip. So on the follower tab you select the weapon, armour etc from the circle like you do on your inventory menu, then equip it to the follower if stuff shows. For example if you have wands and a spear in your inventory and you are using the Templar you will only see the spear. But if you have the enchantress you see the spear and the wands.
btw guys followers when equipped with gold find, magic find, and extra experience % gear give you a % of the quantity.

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