what am i missing?

Just need help getting my Total Damage UP.

I'm only at about 100k.

am I lacking on Intelligence? Critical Damage %?

Any advice would be great!
Your INT is fine. Your cc is too low. Neither of your rings have CC, and the Skorn keeps you from a possible 10CC on a source. Are you using the skorn for the lower attack speed, so you can channel disintegrate longer, or for it's high dps? If you are using it for the dps, I'd go with 1h+source. Your dps will most likely be higher. If you are using it to channel disintegrate longer, I'd just get some gear that decreases the casting cost of disintegrate, then go 1H+source. Then, get try to get CC on your rings.
I was using the Skorn for higher DPS.

But, it seems like that on a weapon is not all that important.... I seem to be finding.

I did have a off hand source. So, give up the Skorn to go for the off hand and another weapon so get at least another 10CC?

And try to get my rings with some CC.

I think I gotcha!
Weapon dps is important, but an offhand item usually makes up for the lower dps on a 1H weapon. 10CC is the max on a source, so don't necessarily look for that as a minimum.
aim for this.
400% crit hit damage
4000+ Intellect
1500+ Vitality
800+ all resistances
50% crit hit & 1.80+ attacks per second.

You should be nearing the 500K mark, my Archon wizard on PS3 is about 550K buffed with out archon =o

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