Lock-up/Crash on PS3 during Online Play

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My friends and I have been playing online together on the PlayStation 3 and have encountered no lock ups all the way up to two nights ago. The three of us reached the Zoltan Kulle quest line in Act II Nightmare, and shortly after entering the Vault of the Assassin, the host of the game had his game lock up.

The next day when we tried to pick up where we left off, the same host crashed shortly after a few minutes of battling. We tried and few more times and ran into the same issue. After that, I tried hosting and shortly after entering the waypoint and battling, my system locked up. Then our other friend tried hosting and again shortly after beginning to fight his system locked up.

We all deleted our game data, reinstalled the patch but it still happens every time. I have logged on this character alone and played alone as a test and had no difficulties so I don’t think that there is anything wrong with our game saves. It seems to involve the online play. However, we have used other characters after this happened and have had no troubles. I hope this information helps you locate the issue and solve it.
nope you're no help
my game locks up causes the system to lock up and this is on xbox i've tested the save game on two different machines and the same thing happens on both so it is the game that has a problem with the save.
I too am experiencing lock-ups on the PS3. Mine are random and cause the game to completely freeze. A reboot typically fixes the issue and I can move on. There doesn't seem to be any frequency to the lock-ups (time wise) although they do seem to occur when there are an abundance of mobs on the screen. In the hopes that a Blue (moderator) sees this post, I'll provide some troubleshooting info:

1. PS3 is brand new. Purchased 10/11/13.
2. The Diablo 3 game was purchased the same day (DVD) version with pre-order bonuses included.
3. No games are stored on the 250GB hard drive. Only D3 saved characters.
4. Disc thrashes almost constantly. D3 is the only game I've played on the console so far, so I've got no experience with other games.
5. The game stutters almost constantly, with the worst stuttering occurring as mob density increases.
6. The lock-ups started on the first day of playing the game (10/12/13).
7. The lock-ups occurred during online play (wifi connected) although I was playing solo each time. I've yet to play in an online multiplayer game.
8. The video is running through the HDMI cable. The audio through the audio cable (provided)
9. I did apply the PS3 update and the D3 patch prior to starting play.

To aid in the troubleshooting, I found some blue questions in another PS3 crashing link so I figured I'd address them in my post in the hopes it helps.

Can you tell me as much detailed information as possible about your characters?
  • What skills do they have?
  • Are your inventories/stash totally full?
  • Have you moved your save from one console to another multiple times? If so, does this occur on other consoles?
  • Any other info you feel is pertinent could help.

    I have 3 characters currently on my PS3.

    52 Witch Doctor - Softcore:
    - Firebomb w/Flash Fire
    - Locust Swarm w/Pestilence
    - Haunt w/Resentful Spirit
    - Zombie Dogs w/Burning Dogs
    - Gargantuan /Humongoid

    48 Monk - Softcore
    - Currently un-spec'd

    28 Monk - Hardcore
    - Fists of Thunder w/Thunderclap
    - Tempest Rush w/Tailwind
    - Wave of Light w/Wall of Light
    - Breath of Heaven w/Circle of Life

    I've never moved my saved games since I only have one console (PS3) and I've only had the console for a week. The lock-ups began on the very first day with my first character (52 witch doctor). My stash is not full, and only contains a few legendary weapons and some gems and crafting mats. I did purchase extra space in the stash, but again, the problems started on day one with one character on the PS3. Diablo 3 is the only game I've played on the system since purchasing it on 10/11/13

    Ok guys, that's all I know for now. Holler with questions. Let me know when there's a fix. My guess is that since the game doesn't seem to let you load it to the HD of the PS3, that may add to the thrashing that occurs during game play.

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