Starting to play again, need advice!

So I'm just starting to play again and am wondering where I should starts. At this time I do not know what the current wizard build gear thresholds are, meaning that I have no idea what the best build for me would be. One thing is for sure, Sleet Storm is not it ;) (Not enough crit by the looks of it). I have been looking at the different builds and route posted in the forums, however I have no clue which mix would be the best, and am loking for more experienced players advice.

I pretty much need to find a farming route & build so I can get better gear and make my life much much easier.

Here's the link to my chart:

Any advice is welcome!

Check the Wizard Build thread stickied at the top of the Wizard forums. You really need to decide which build you want to run since each has different gear requirements.

The popular ones are CM/WW (permafreeze), Archon (optic blast to death), Sleet Storm (swirling cold storm) and Meteor (falling burning rocks).

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