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Before I get into this, I'm not claiming this is some ground breaking build that is the best, most efficient build out there. It's more for fun and a break from the norm, but still works well. The reason the title says "new" is because I don't know if this has been thought of before or if this is an original build, I hope it's original! This is my version of a Wizard "Rapid Fire" build.

So, today I was leveling a new Wizard to paragon level, while leveling I was using Arcane Torrent for a few early levels and it clicked for me that I could probably make a build out of it. After a while of thinking and testing, I came up with this build: http://puu.sh/4xjAV.jpg

I use basically all of my CM Gear with this build (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Lohkan-1971/hero/24005827), minus the Chantodos main hand. I replace that for a conquest sword, for now I'm just using one of my monks swords: http://puu.sh/4xkjh.png - I use this mainly for the Life Steal, since you will need it quite often. You also don't need the Arcane power on hit from the main hand, because the offhand is enough to just quite offset the cost of your abilities whiling hitting a decent number of targets grouped up.

I've been thinking of swapping out Critical Mass for some other passive, haven't really decided on the best passive for that slot. I was hoping Arcane Dynamo would act like Gloom for Demon Hunters and snapshot the buff while channeling Rapid Fire, but had no luck for that sadly.

Here's a a breakdown of why I chose each skill and how they play a role in the build:

Electrocute is going to be your source of regenerating Arcane Power when you run out. The Surge of Power rune grants 1 Arcane Power per target hit, and it can hit up to 3 targets. With the passive Prodigy, you gain an additional 4 when you deal damage, this counts for all 3 targets hit, so if you hit 3 targets you gain 15 Arcane Power per hit. You can near instantly rebuild full Arcane Power with a group of 3 monsters together.

I chose Safe Passage mainly for the 30% damage reduction, because you're going to be face tanking a handful of monsters at times, and it helps to preemptively use Teleport sometimes to get that damage reduction for a few seconds.

Arcane Torrent is your "Rapid Fire" ability. With the Disruption rune, targets you hit take 15% more damage from Arcane sources. This is pretty much your own personal Marked for Death.

The reason I use Prism with Diamond Skin is for the reduced arcane power cost when it's active, this also why I'm using Critical Mass as a passive right now, so I can have maximum active time on this. You don't "need" this when you're hitting a lot of targets, but with a smaller group, it really helps.

Ice Armor. This is your MAIN source of active damage reduction. While active, you passively gain 12% damage reduction from melee attackers. When you get hit, with the Crystallize rune, you get 20% armor per stack, up to 3 stacks. So this comes out to be 60% bonus armor when you have 3 stacks, which is almost always up. I feel that this, while at 3 stacks, is more of a damage mitigation than Energy Armor with Prismatic Armor.

Magic Weapon with Blood Magic, well. This is used is pretty much every Wizard build, so this one is a no brainer.

For passives, I chose Prodigy, as explained above, for the massive Arcane Power on hit with Electrocute. Critical Mass, also explained above, for keeping maximum active time on the arcane power cost reduction with Diamond Skin. Blur is used for the flat damage reduction, because you need it.

If anyone feels like messing around with this build, try it out, tell me how you like it, improvements, etc. I hope you enjoy it! :)
Very interesting and a little similar to my build but i run arcane torrent death blossom. I dont use a lifesteal weapon coz i max dps and use healing blades against reflect and such. With my high dps healing blades is enough to trash RD elites on mp8++.

U can take a look at my build on profile and with 5 stack arcane dynamo i crit for 1.2-2m dmg per projectile. With 17 apoc and above u can remove all AP reduction or regenerative runes and replace them with more dmg efficient runes and passive slots.

Electrocute with forked lightning is an extremely fast way of getting Arcane dynamo stacks. And you could do it from a distance before engaging closely with death blossom. But i do have trouble with speedy mobs so CS monks and CM wiz is quite essential to my build for it to work.

Everything else is very flexible, even tried blizzard with arcane torrent disruption for a kiting build and is still very effective.

Just my 2 cents if you wanna try it out.
YouTube vid for lazy people
09/22/2013 05:06 AMPosted by RobertVarga
YouTube vid for lazy people

I'll try, but my internet is very slow right now, so it might take a while to upload.

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