Time to keep crafting...

Thought I was happy with my gloves, then saw these barb ones...

I would craft shoulders instead of gloves first.
09/22/2013 03:23 AMPosted by GoSuPanda
I would craft shoulders instead of gloves first.

Oh those on my alt were just for p-leveling as i need the vit - the shoulders i use on my main are quite good enough :)
Both nice gloves. I rolled my current wiz gloves in approximately 10 attempts. Several hundred attempts later and I've not even come close to beating them. Some gave lots of life, some lots of protection, some gave protection and life, none even came close in dps, no trifectas. My gloves are decent but not that decent. My pursuit of perfection will continue.
Both are Awesome gloves and the only difference is his sick intel and vit which makes it more rare than the rest, but... your amulet is sexy enough to pull back that small differences which u lack, and seriously I could say tat the combination of your gloves + amulet dominate the fact tat yours is reali much better !!!
Holy god damned cow

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