Best endgame farming builds?

Im about to lvl a wiz and dont know much about it can someone point me to some good guides or tell me what the most popular end game farming builds are.....and is wiz able to keep up with WW barbs when it comes to farming
we have a couple of end game builds

cm vanilla or cm sns or cm meteor or cm archon

we have other builds but they're not as efficient although they are fun to play with it to mix things up

ww barb is still op but a wiz can keep up if he's geared
Critical Mass is at the core every end-game wizard build.

I'm having a lot of fun right now with a vanilla CM/WW build. I swap runes to a permafreeze variant for pub games, gives up some DPS but makes the runs so much smoother it's not even funny. is a good guide that helped me get started. You absolutely need 2.74 APS w/ 50% CC and a little bit of LoH (at least 400) before the build is viable; I spent about 200M on the gear I have now and can solo MP7 without too many issues. I also use a macro pad to spam my priority and save myself from carpel tunnel.

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