Need help on gear, experienced wizards

Looking some pointers as to where I should take my wizard from here. I know my bracers/gloves are really low end but I don't have the DEs to craft more atm. So any experienced wizards out there that can offer me some pointers?

Budget is quite low right now, around 260M.


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DPS is nice, but your RES all is really low. Right around 500ish right? A few suggestions, get a Nat's ring and nats boots with res all. The two piece bonus for that is 7% crit, so it will be a dps gain over one of your rings. Secondly, get rid of the Inna's pants and pick up Blackthorne's with Res all. They have LoH on them too which is nice. Finally, I'd get some vile ward shoulders. That should be a good set up, and it won't cost you that much unless you really want to splurge on an expensive Nat's ring.

Get some Lacuni's bracers with res all if you can afford it as well.

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