Wizard MP10 Shocknardo requirement

Currently a CM wiz,but want to change to another build, not sure about my gear is suit for shocknardo build though my resistant is quite a low without prismatic armor.
Yep. Resists and armor are quite low. If you are able to get ~800 all resists and 4k+ armor you will be good.
~~~ but the replacement in gear is the pain in the !@#, which equipment that u suggest to replace?
Gloves, rings, amulet, chest, pants and belt could all have armor and resists. You have many places where you can choose to upgrade. It all depends on your budget. There is a sticky at the top of the wiz forums with a wealth of information. I've found that very helpful along the way.

General marks to hit to do extremely well in mp 10 are
2.73+ attack speed
40k hp
800+ resists
4k armor
18-20 APoC
800-1500 LoH
50%+ crit chance
15-20% dodge

Many people get there different ways. I've spent a lot of time searching the rmah to get what my wiz wears. Patience and persistence is key. I bought my tal chest for $19.99 & mempo for $26.00. Now mempo is cheap, I bought mine back when most decent ones were listed for $100-250. Most everything else I got for $10.00 or less aside from my bind on acct stuff, those are just lucky crafts.
i understand what you mean, i can go for higher resistant and armor but it wil drag my dps down as i wish to maintain a minimum dps of 200 k unbuffed, i can change my tal chest armor to higher armor and resist but it wil drag away my vitality, i can aso change my witching our belt and lacu bracer to resistance gear but it really cost bunch of gold and it wil draga away my dps as well. Having dilemma here ~~
I beleive Aimless coined the phrase "dead equals zero DPS" so regardless of your current deeps.....if you can staty alive to use it, it's all for for not............drop some DPS get some mit and you'll feel better for it...

see the following Vid which sums up your dilema

If you see any pieces on my wiz you want give me offer willing to piece out. Also have an ammy and ring in stash to hit 2.73

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