Demon Hunter
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Any ideas on how to better my dh are welcome thanx...
Link to the thread you made 5 days ago.


Haven't really made any changes apparently, but since you want a rating so bad. Here, (>^^)>
Good balanced DH. I will upgrade mempo to cc one. And you have very nice amu :)

PS. dont rate my crafts, i rerolled to dh 2 days ago :)
Good balanced DH. I will upgrade mempo to cc one. And you have very nice amu :)

PS. dont rate my crafts, i rerolled to dh 2 days ago :)

Can't see your DH :|
@jkho Your gear seems to be ok but I see your kinda low on HP sitting at 31k. I do see your above 500k AR which I'm sure makes up for your low HP in a way. This affects your overall EHP as well. Other then upgrading gems and getting a Crit Mempo. Seems pretty decent.
Thanks guys
^ try crafting
sorry, http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Kamil1991-2386/hero/22330105 :)

Not bad set for old nats :)
@Kamil1991 Looks good, Seems now all your upgrades will be quite expensive. 9/10 as there is room for upgrades.
DH gear are costly ,
Hey guys, rate my DH and please give me some advices to improve my DPS and play in mp10.

@Allan First off I would upgrade all your Gems to the Marquis.
Place 1 Red Gem in your Bow. You will get more damage out of it.
Try and get Inna Pants that have Dex & Vit on them. Then remove the Purple gem from it. Your resist seems fine so losing some for Vit would help out.
I know these are very expensive, but getting a Crit Mempo would be a huge upgrade.
Also, try finding a better DML. You can find them with 300+ Dex and 20% AS.
@wix keep crafting that shoulders... its the only thing u can upgrade more easy it seems
@viramundo 3/10 Get yourself a socketed calamity and put a ruby in it :D
@Viramundo My shoulders are decent as they are only missing AR on them. They will do for now until I can roll ones with AR. But yeah, most of my upgrades now will be 800M and up.
Pretty solid dh nice vit nice dps i give you a 9/10
yeah because socketed calamity + marquise is so cheap right? nope..


Sick. 10/10
@ Myque

Real nice ammy craft, hats off to that. Overall gearing looks pretty text book, but i wouldnt recommend the AR on the pants. High vit roll is much more economic and it easy to pick up a spare AR roll on either an rare ammy or either ring if your desperate, but seeing how you have 500 AR which is easily above par i reckon you could do without out. Go for a high Vit or Dex innas pants.

Vit is probably your most needed EHP stat. The easy fix is def gonna be ur innas chest. Vit can go up to 300 and try to get a 12% life roll ( Bonus the 6% melee reduction )

If you ever calculate your EHP, you would be really surprised as to how much that extra 1% adds to your total EHP.

6.5 / 10

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