I hope the PVP arena gets to have a more rewarding experience for enthusiasts.

I'm not one of them because the Normal and Hardcore characters I have are not capable of PVP playstyles.

Side bets? I could go for sidebets in a PVP when it is legal.

Maybe some experience gained per win? (But players can cheat off of those.. hmmm)

I heard the gold drops that the Goldskin effects were taken off. (Why did THAT player show off that effect?)

So yeah.. That's it. Pvp is great. But not THAT great.
I see you have a cm wiz for your main normal character, please don't tell me you try to permafreeze opponents during PvP.

I assume you have different builds for farming as opposed to PvP. If you do not, that could be the reason you are having difficulties with PvP play styles.
I don't do PVP's. I tried it with officemates before, 3 hours straight. And then never tried it again. And yes, I agree, not with CMww, lol what would be the point?

Archon. 1 shotting everyone with Arc Des.

Archon. 1 shotting everyone with Arc Des.

09/24/2013 10:13 PMPosted by Battousai
Archon. 1 shotting everyone with Arc Des.

Good luck doing that to a veteran monk or veteran WD. That strategy might not even punch through the EHP of the toughest tanks out there.


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I meant that I am "one shotting" everyone (everyone as in my officemates during the course of that 3 hour gametime) - Sheeesh, everyone got stingy in that one.

A little context analogy next time huh guys?

Ok, we understand that you are have casually played D3 PvP before and neither own a PvP set nor have a PvP build. We are avid PvPers on this forum and we would be happy to direct you in selecting a build and helping you find a set. However, if you are not interested in our help, your denigration of our hobby is not welcome here and it is best saved for the general discussion.

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