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My friend cant seem to post on the forums so im going to post his Trans id's for him if you could look at them araxom that would be great he doesn't seem to know if he is going to get a refund or if he is going to get gold also it says that it has said it was completed for a few days now
transaction ID#1751071190
transaction ID#1751460799
1750339399. Been pending since the 21st. Can you see if it's failed? It was done via CC and still shows pending on my financial institutions website. If I know it's failed, I can use the blizzard credit method as that seems to be working within hours instead of an entire week.
09/26/2013 07:30 PMPosted by KittyMilk
1750339399. Been pending since the 21st. Can you see if it's failed? It was done via CC and still shows pending on my financial institutions website. If I know it's failed, I can use the blizzard credit method as that seems to be working within hours instead of an entire week.

This is exactly what I was thinking, and what I'm going to do the next time i'm online. I will add funds to my Blizzard account and then make the purchase via that way
Thank you Araxom. I have spoken directly to a supervisor as well as sent an additional communication to a higher level manager directly via email. I am currently still being told that there is nothing that we can do; however I am hopeful that I will gain traction with this latest communication. Any additional support you can provide would be most welcome and appreciated.

Thank you

Thanks for sharing your story, DASBEAN. I thought my problem was bad, but that is rather egregious.
09/26/2013 12:06 PMPosted by tandy
Still waiting on several RMAH sales to finish processing dating back as far as the 17th. Would process id numbers be helpful?

Looks like whatever was run cleared up a couple of my sales that were processing.
I have 3 remaining....
9/18 - 1746040522
9/18 - 1746342168
9/19 - 1748323744

Interestingly enough...it seems like in all 3 of these cases the unsold portion of the commodities for sale were returned, but the funds for the sold portion have not.

The other 2 that were cleared up appear to have been sold in their entirety...all were commodities of quantities greater than 1.
Finally I have my $$$ today..

Thank You Araxom!!!
Hi Araxom,

I have two orders that were submitted on 9/20 which have not completed. I got a support ticket response a few days ago saying it was completed on Blizz's end and should clear within 8-10 days. After reading through the past few pages, I kinda doubt these are going to process.

The order numbers are:

Any guidance you can provide is greatly appreciated.
Finally gut my money after i sold an item the 17th. Dont mind the wait as long as i get it in the end :)
Glad to see the good news. I'll be back after awhile to help clear up a few of these other transactions. Thanks again for hanging in there!
ID# 1746483738

Bought gold on 9/18, shows as Completed but gold never arrived
AWESOME !!!!! All good here now!!! Thank you :)
order id's
gold purchases i have one of them pending on my bank account but not the other
Thanks for the follow-up. Unfortunately, we will not, and can not provide any reimbursement for the difference in cost for gold prices on the Real Money Auction House. This includes Battle.net Balance compensation for the difference in price.

Like mentioned before, Blizzard customer support does not have the ability to adjust, modify, or alter any items or commodities purchased within the gold or Real Money Auction House in Diablo 3. We cannot do anything to change the auction house at all, and cannot influence the prices or offer any for of discount as those prices are set by the seller of the gold, not us.

Hopefully I covered everything you needed today. Thank you again for contacting us. If you need anything else, just let us know. We're here to help. Take care!

Well I guess here is my final response from Blizzard support. They are refusing to give me the 1 billion gold I payed for. I offered perhaps a discount card for like $10 for difference that would solve everything, but I got shut down again. I'm going to probably have to wait several weeks if not months to get it at $28.90 again. Thanks, Blizzard.
Brief update directed at the following players:

Bmber - all three of the transactions I see below have clearly failed:

tandy - the following have been stuck in review (category 2, as I was calling it - these should properly fail within the next few days but I would recommend holding off until you have confirmed that)

Fredbsd - Yours are listed on our side as failed

Nosus - Failed

rendich - Also, both failed

@ Maijuana & KittyMilk, please submit tickets with the inquiries regarding those auctions - I was unable to locate them, when you make the tickets please be sure to do so through the account(s) from which the auctions originated. Thanks!

General message: If anyone else is experiencing a delay in your own auctions that occurred from around the 17th through the 25th, please go through the thread to see if the information provided here applied to you. As much as I wish that I could remain on standby to provide checkups on all the auctions, I will be unable to do so expediently through this channel. If you find that even after waiting a full ten days that your auction is not resolved, you are welcome to reach directly out to us via the support portal.

Please be aware that due in part to the Auction House issue, our queues are experiencing their own delays, so it may take us some time to get back to you. I will continue to keep my eyes on the thread and will offer any updates should further info need to be posted.

I hope you all have an excellent weekend and that the loot gods smile favorably upon your Avatar!
Still waiting on Order#1745489450, from the 17th.
Sick of getting jerked around by what seemed to be the most obtuse CS reps I've encountered so far.
My issue is solved, but I still think it is quite cool of Araxom to try and help out all that he/she can. Thank you for going that extra step.... :)
Thanks Araxom. Much appreciated.
250 million gold. 3 transactions.



ID: 1747135068

It has now been 10 whole days, and will be 11 in less than 2 hours. while the CSR's i have spoken with have been polite, they have yet to tell me anything other than "sorry, i can't help".
Araxom - Thanks for the update, hope you have a good weekend as well :)
My issue was I sold an item on 9/18 that I didn't get paid for until 9/27, and an item sold on 9/22 that processed in two days. Is there a problem with the processing of payments? Who knows. But a reply to the ticket I submitted told me I just needed to wait 8-10 days. With the holidays coming up and hopefully more purchases, are we going to have to wait 3-5, 5-7, 8-10, or what. Been playing since startup, never seen a delay like this.

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