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Keep getting error code BLZPTS00007. Gone through all the steps on the battlenet support page. Unable to get any progress. Any suggestions would be great.
Fully downloaded but won't install? Where does it stop? Delete old install folder or rename it. Is secondary login service enabled? Enable it if not. If still no luck, test by disabling firewall too.
It stops while checking for updates as soon as I open the Diablo 3 setup to download the game. At this point nothing has been downloaded. I've deleted all the diablo folders, checked the secondary login, disabled firewall, restarted comp... not really sure what to try now

Could you try opening your Internet Explorer browser and then hitting Alt-F to bring up the File tab options? Check to see if "Work offline" is checked and uncheck it if it is. Leave IE running in the background and try installing again. You don't need to leave it running all the time though, this is just to see if your Windows network settings are interfering with the installer/launcher.

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Wow! thanks, it was already unchecked but just leaving it open did the trick. Great support thanks

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