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Have tried all recommended solutions and nothing has worked. Whenever I tried to start up Diablo 3 it would get stuck at checking for updates at 0%. If i deleted the battle.net folder in program data, when i restarted Diablo 3 it would get about 25% through updating Blizzard update agent. So I tried to download the battle.net Beta thing to scan and repair, but the same exact problem occurs when I try to install the beta program. (Stuck at 0% then 25% when I delete battle.net in Program Data) So I uninstalled Diablo 3 completely and get the same problem when I try to reinstall it. I disabled my firewall, did a selective startup, disabled security, enabled the secondary login (which was set to manual instead of automatic before), run everything as admin, and tried to find many solutions to the problem. About a month ago, the last time I tried to play Diablo 3, everything worked fine. It worked fine when I was at my house. Now I am at a university, but neither the wireless or ethernet connection changes what happens. (I have tried all these things with a wired ethernet connection) The internet should not be the problem, because I have played Diablo 3 just today on my friends computer on the other side of campus and it ran fine.
It looks like you did a great job with most of the basic troubleshooting.

Did you ensure Internet Explorer is able to access the internet? Sometimes Windows gets set to work in offline mode. Just start up IE, connect to a basic website, and then try running your updater. Bliz uses Windows internet settings which is why this matters.

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Now I am at a university
If it is not a setting on your PC then it may be related to the IT policies at your school. The game uses P2P software to update which is blocked by some universities and public places. Some also block ports used by games. You said you could play from a friend's PC on campus though so that sounds like good news regarding port access at least. They could still be blocking the P2P part though so if checking IE does not work, talk to the campus IT folks. It is possible your friend updated the game before coming to campus though which may be why his works and yours does not.

FYI - if you have a USB drive that is big enough, just copy the Program Files > Diablo 3 folder from your friend's PC over to the external drive. From there you can simply run the launcher.exe file and the game will play, possibly smoother due to being on a sold state type drive. You can also just copy the file from the drive over to your own PC and create a shortcut to the launcher.exe file. No "install" is needed.

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