Help me improve my Barbarian :) (2h ww)

No EF dual wield is also viable, but you'll have to live at a lower breakpoint than with an EF and have slightly lower damage output. It's actually a better than most people give it credit for, because you can get all 3 of socket, LS and CD on rare weapons, which you can't on an EF.

I'd suggest against a setup like the one Morpheus (EF/dagger) gave you for a group. If you go EF, use it in the offhand with a mace or axe in the mainhand. I'd consider all 3 of these must-haves for party play-

Cold SoJ (absolute must)
EF with <12% fear chance (preferably 11)
EF in off-hand

Or when your friends complain about the fear, you can just tell them that they're imagining things and give them the typical reasons why "I'm killing everything so fast that they don't get a chance to be feared" "that mob would have kited us anyways" "it's JUST a 15% chance, practically never happens, jeez"
I just did an mp10 group in act 1 and I'm a little disappointed. In barbs, this WW spec, and my ability. And how much gold I spent last night on gear.

For group play I feel like it's just too fast paced, too dependent on perma wrath and I find myself getting mad at group mates when they do things that cause me to lose wrath. Actually, a guy left our group because we wanted to wait like 1 minute for someone to do something because he couldn't keep wrath.

At this point I don't know what to do -_- I kind of hate my barb atm
@ Amiar,

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Hi Buddy

I let u borrow the pure WW stuff because you were talking about that build and to let you play with permawrath. I don't like pure WW either and it's terrible for groups.

Personally I like the hybrid build that I'm using where hota is the main skill. Especially if there is a CS monk it works great. The monk pulls mobs in and you stand next o him and smash them. This also allows you to maintain fury. The WW/sprint adds to your fury and also helps maintain worn but is secondary.

You'd get a higher damage range weapon in the MH and put your EF in your offhand so the tornadoes don't proc fear.

Sprint around and draw mobs to the group and then hota away.

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