Cluster arrow spam builds?

Demon Hunter
I apologize if there isn't already a thread about this, but I didn't see one in the search. Is there a build that focuses on being able to spam cluster arrow as much as possible?

The only builds I have seen with cluster arrow use it only as a way to help kill elites faster. It does huge damage but also comes at huge hatred cost. I see this skill as being very similar in concept to wizard's meteor. If it's possible to spam meteor (which is the build my wiz currently uses) then I don't see any reason cluster arrow can't be spammable.
stack aps or stack cost reduction

wiz got APoC, hunter does not

the best I have done is 1~2 in each second.

you will not be able to release CA at the rate of your aps

I wrote this a couple days ago, you can check on some of the ways to utilize the attacks.
check on
for faster hatred

forgot to leave you a build!ZbT!cYbca
slot 2 4 and passives you can use really anything you want
I have SP on because of reflect mob

keep in mind dps is your best healer, and I don't mean by life regain by life steal
You need:

1. CA Reducuction gears
2. Grenadier Passive
3. Prep: Punishment
4. NS & Minimum 50 CC imo
5. 50 Disc would be ideal if u're using manticore.
6. 2 APS imo on the manticore

I've tried it. 16 non stop CA: LfB.

Good luck
Thanks for the insight! I pretty much already had a theoretical build worked out. I was just wondering if it was possible.

I feel like cluster arrow is DH's equivalent to Wizard's meteor. If it's possible to spam meteor with a certain amount of specialized gear (which is the build my wizard uses), then it should only be fair that demon hunters be able to spam their most powerful ability.
Cluster Bombs used to be one of the highest damage skill until Blizzard decided to give RF a big fat buff.

I really hope it gets a big fat buff in RoS but looking at the current datamine info they gave RF:Bombardment another big fat buff and new passives buff it even more whereas other skills get a measly under 100% damage boost. Blizzard must be sleeping.
Cluster bomb FTW !!
add me hehe

Use Cluster bomb to primarily deal damage
Cluster grenades to regen hatred and also proc night stalker for disc regen
Pop on Gloom for life regen (given)

Other no brainers = bat, grenadier, night stalker

I alternate my last slot with either:
- Strafe (move around and avoid sh1t = good) / Ball lightning (esp act2 and goes well with NS)
- Marked for death (ubers and also when running with CM wiz)

it's pretty fun :)!gXf!cbZYYc

With full Cluster Arrow Reduction.

With proper placement and hits using Gas Grenades.. you can cast it almost indefinitely once you set it up.

Mara -5
Skull -4
Stone -5
DML -5
Grenadier -10

That's -29 already. So you still need 21 to make it "spammable".

Marked for Death- Mortal Enemy gives 3 Hatred per damage source.

Cluster +6(3 for the initial explosion, 3 again for the miniature nades)
Shuriken +3
3x Chains of Torment +9
Gas of Gas Grenades +3

That's 21 already. Theoretically you can shoot 1 CA per second per 3 seconds.

Now take into account when you actually use Nades.

Nades explosion +3
Nades Hatred gain +5(3 from the skill, +2 from Nadier)
Then you have the passive Hatred Generation which is somewhere around 4-6.

You get 33-35 Hatred per second.

So therefore you can really spam CA on proper conditions, such as on bosses.

You don't even need Prep-Punishment ;) You can change that to Shadow Power or something :)

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