Critique my build plz...

Demon Hunter
I recently returned to D3 and decided to pick up my DH again instead of my barb or wizard. I am having a blast again. I am running with a Windforce bow, somewhere around 45% crit chance and 77k DPS (not that high I know). Been running MP 5-7 and doing just fine. Any deaths are normally my fault.

Please critique...!YeX!cbbcZZ

-I like hungering arrow because of the obvious...launch it into doorways or around corners. Frees you up from having to line up everything.

-I find something overwhelmingly satisfying about throwing a dagger at lightning speed through a sea of enemies...and having that blade pierce through all of them critting multiple times for 250k. I use overpenetration because I find this to be a good 'aoe' ability even if it is thrown in a straight line. I can usually hit multiple mobs. When using Gloom, I can prop back up to full health from nearly empty in three shots.

-Vault for obvious reasons. Survivability.

-Spike trap with scatter for AOE purposes. It is also beautiful to clog up a doorway with a few of these. When using gloom, I can possibly get back to full health in one shot.

-Bat companion, self explanatory.

-Gloom, self explanatory.
Hello Cessmode

Your build looks solid enough. Some minor suggestions:

- Try running your build without Bat and slot RoV Dark Cloud.
- Try out Shadow Power Shadow Glide

Also, I highly recommend that you check out DiEoxidE's Stone Cold Hunter, as your build is somewhat similar.

P.S. You can adopt the Stone Cold Hunter philosophy and still keep most of your skills, such as Overpenetration. One of the things I try to avoid when responding to posts like these is telling the OP to use this or that optimal build. Players, for whatever reason, gravitate towards particular skills and who am I to tell someone what skills/build they should like. That's why, when I saw your build, I thought that you could easily run the powerful Stone Cold Hunter build by simply making a few minor changes, such as slotting Cull the Weak and Preparation, and equiping a cold Stone of Jordan with a Spike Trap or HA bonus ( the extra Disc helps a lot too); thus your build would be more powerful while maintaining a similar, all be it enhanced, feel.
Thanks. Going to take the suggestion of RoV.

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