What is the single biggest upgrade I can do?

Which item slot(s) upgrade would provide me the best return?

This is for a standard? WW/nado barb.
In general, your Str is very low. Your only sockets are MH weapon and helm, which don't add main stat (Str). Your pants have decent Str/Vit rolls, but no AR and no sockets.
Your jewelry is lacking in their primary goals: IAS, CC, CD. Second to those three are Str and Avg Dmg. Anything else in those slots is just gravy.

But I would say your biggest flaw is your weapons. Horrible DPS on those. Both weapons should have sockets to crank up the CD. 8.8% LS is overkill, you can drop it on one of your weapons to increase their DPS.
Get an Echoing Fury for the offhand with .25 IAS, LS and socket or CHD. That will serve you the best. Also get high CHD and CC on your amulet. Weapons and ammy are two largest sources of CHD.
Going with an Echoing Fury for your offhand is a good idea as gwjunkie said, however, you have 3 current slots of life steal. Though at your DPS that might be needed, getting an EF with CHD and open socket will significantly increase your DPS and 2 slots of life steal might be suitable.

Below 150K DPS I would usually recommend having a blend of LoH with the LS and decent regen. The EF will only do so much. You are very low on attack speed and should consider your typical slots to achieve them. Those slots are usually jewelry...mostly rings, gloves and possibly your bracer if you go with Lacuni's. Your pants are possibly a good source for the attack speed now, I can't believe I am saying this but Inna's for you might be better then what you are currently wearing. I am not a big Inna's fan at all but one with high vit in your case as your gear currently sits will help you in the attack speed upgrade / break points area. Aim for 4 high attack speed slots and you can choose where you want them.

The EF will only upgrade your DPS, you have to ultimately upgrade certain other things to progress. For you right now that might be your "single biggest upgrade", however, you have a few other things to manage into your gear selection as well.

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