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I have searched for anyone else with this problem but I've come up with nothing.
I played through to 60 with a Wizard on PS3 with zero issues. My wife has a Witch Doctor and my friend has a Demon Hunter that we all play local co-op with no problems. I decided to make a Monk, and have encountered a horrendous bug that makes playing D3 as a monk extremely frustrating

Whenever I use the Fists of Thunder (this is even worse with Thunderclap) the game will constantly stutter and lag - but it's only if I hold the left stick to move in a direction while attacking. If I stand still without moving it doesn't lag at all. As soon as I move the stick the whole screen freezes/unfreezes/freezes between each attack step. When she warps to the enemy it's even worse and the whole screen will freeze for longer than a second.

:'( I know it's a PS3 so there's probably nothing I can do ...

I tried to remove all of her gear to see if attack speed or anything was affecting it, and no dice. Very rarely when I'm standing in town I can do the move and it won't lag, but 20 seconds later it starts lagging from it again.

Any way to fix this? Or is it a known issue?
it does the same with a wizard when u use the knives skill
I'm using a monk since I started playing and I don't have such problem.

I stopped using FoT to use Wothf for better spirit regen

Well it's nice that you don't have this problem, but I do. And apparently someone else does too.

To the other poster: I never had an issue with any of the Wizard's skills. If by "knives" you mean Spectral Blades that skill works perfect for me and I use it all the time. It's only the Monk skill so far (unsure about later skills and/or barbarian skills.)
My ps3 slows down graphically when I use fot/thunderclap with sw/cyclone and push my attacks per second over 3.5 and crit chance above 50%. It really lags hard and then speeds up when the mobs die to compensate. Too many blue cyclones to handle me thinks.
Once I hit 2.20 attack speed this started happening anytime I moved. It gets worse the higher it gets.
My system is up-to-date. I have tried rebuilding the data base and file structure, I have tried from a fresh user account. It doesn't matter what my attack speed is, it still lags. I let my monk level while following my Wizard, and most of the other primary skills lag while moving too. The only ones that don't are the 2nd and last ones, forgetting names at this moment.

I even tried the male variant of a monk and the same issue happens. Happens starting at level 1, first screen in. Standing still works fine, moving while holding attack lags. The lag also happens with "crippling wave". Deadly Fists and Way of the Hundred Fists work fine, though. It happens regardless if there are mobs around or not. I can be in a cellar with nothing but myself and it still does the freezing lag.
Sounds like a dumb question, but is your PS3 connected to your TV with an HDMI cable? I noticed when I used the other cable, tons of lag and blurred graphics, but when using HDMI cable , the game is amazing crystal clear and just as good as , if not better than, PC version. Not to mention, every time I walked it would lag a bit and blur, but with HDMI cord , that all goes away.
I actually have my PS3 connected to my TV with component, and to my Monitor via HDMI. I have been playing it with HDMI enabled on my monitor. I haven't tried with component on my TV though. I can see if there's any difference. But if you were using composite (not component) with your tv before HDMI, then that it is why it was blurry. But I basically played my wizard to 60 on my tv without any issues, and never had issues with my wizard on hdmi w/ my monitor.
I use fist of thunder all the time with my monk as a main skill (combination strike build) never had an issue.. on 360.

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