Looking for Marquise [TRADE] 360

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Looking for Ruby + Topaz Plans

Have plenty of items to trade and if none interest you we can do power leveling. If you'd like!


GT: ii Richtofen 21
Have both if you have a set of Inna's pants :)
GT: cccgoblue
I've got the ruby marquise plan, currently looking for any of the following

- Str/dex/int mempo with socket (preferably cc)
- Str/dex/int Andariel's visage with socket
-Bul kathos warrior blood (w/socket)
-Decent ik's reign
-Seven Sins plan
-Manticore w/2 sockets and/or lifesteal
-Ik eternal reign w/socket (also cc if possible)
-Echoing fury w/lifesteal and socket (doesnt need amazing stats)

I may also have the topaz but i'll need to take a look. if you have the gems i can craft them for you if needed.
If you have none of the above you could powerlevel my WD :)

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