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HI, I am looking for 2-3 other poeple, who want to start a new game together, with new lv one chars, and play through the game. I am looking specifically for people who can play every Sunday night from 830pm-1130ish (PST), end time not as important. Mics preferable. But like I stated, new chars, new start, and only use that char with group (meaning no using them offline, or in another online) that way we all stay on same page/level. I know its an odd request, but I have a few friends who I co-op offline with, and I never use my chars from those games unless we are playing together. Figured maybe someone out there might wanna do the same but online. I am on PS3. Let me know if your interesed. Thanks.
Im in :) sounds good to me cuase i just gotton sundays off haha.

my Psn: DarkCronus257

Ill start as witch Doc
Sweet. Ill add you. And Ill start as a Barb. Do you have a mic and what time zone are you in?
ya i have a mic an it kinda sucks tho lol.

im in central time.

so if u get on from 8:30pm-11:30pm pst

i get be getting on @ 10:30pm central i think :p
cant stay on that whole time but if you are short...I will start a wiz...add me if short

PSN: romad275X0
Totally down for that... I'm in AZ so currently in your time zone. I'm home most Sunday nights. I have a mic. I like to be Witch Doctors, Wizards, or Demon Hunters but if you need me to be something else that's fine. :)

Good to go, Will add all you soon!
sweet, ill add u guys in a bit. just woke up from a nap lol. what time is everyone plan on gettin on? cricket sent me a invite when u get on or whatever
Im not gonna be able to be on tonight cuase working tomorrow early morning. ill be a diff day tho just hit me up via ps3
Had fun...think I figured out my mic problem...forgot to set the input/output portion of settings...
Heya Romad and Cricket- had a blast! First multi for me on the PS3 for this game. :) Romad no worries, mics are a pain sometimes...

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