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why does it cut off the describes of all the skills. classes?. when u play on ps3 but on computer it describes to a t. what the skills does but on PS3 it does.. this is a huge disadvantage i have found out.. when it come to choose my skills.
for barb. skills. whirlwind on ps3 say just there lame thing.. unleash a series of whiriling attackes damaging everything in path.

for computer diablo 3 barb say this. amazing describe deliver multiple attacks to everything in ur path. for 145% weapon damage.

so is this the same for ps3. or is it different like it say on ps3. n does not do the 145% on ps3?
choose to enable tooltips. It gives you the full description back.
are the skills and damages. completely different on ps3 then to computer? is there a way to turn on/off a better skill description for ps3
I just told you, go to options and enable tooltips and it will give you the complete descriptions.
omg thanks turn it on.. man it should be default on . when u start game lol.. i feel like on first lvl 60 char completely at a disadvantage lol
On xbox the left and right trigger brings will scroll up/down on descriptions

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