How can I get better?

Demon Hunter
This is my Demon Hunter:
Sadly, I'm only able to farm in MP3. I have 3.5 million gold to spare in items. What would be your recommendation for my gear to get better?

About the skills, don't worry since I'm not using them, I was just fooling around before logging off.

Thank you for your support and sorry if this is not the way nor the section to post this.
I'll help you out in game tonight! ^.^

Come add me!
Well if u got an answer let me know. My DH has 167k DPS and some good Stuff, but i die a lot in MP3. This is very disappointing, i luv the DH but... dunno what to do, i mean its MP3.. :(
mentirosa, you need more hp. also, i think you need a better hatred spender. the ones you're using now are more delayed. spiked traps are slow to arm, RoV has a cooldown and sentry is not a heavy damage dealer. since i see you use gloom, i'd suggest you snapshot that with rapid fire like many other DH's. but first and foremost you need some more eHP.
Thanks for your answer! I changed my Build to a RP one and tryed some MP1 which was much fun. Going on MP2 now and see. I also use Perfectionist and bought a new Bracer with 1k more HP.

What Item you would exchange on my DH? My DPS dropped to 120k cause i don't use Steady Aim anymore.

Thanks again

P.S. Sry for Highjacking the Thread, but its same Questions so :) has helped me in making decisions on getting a comfortable fun build. The one I have now is my only one but I have built up good fun tactics for doing continuous kite runs in MP4...hope it helps. EHP I have found is very important so you have to think about trying to balancing it out with your DPS. still workin on it.
In general there are two ways to play the DH. I say this only to generalize. I am very well aware there are a lot of exceptions to this rule. But basically Tank DH or Ranged DH..

Tank RF . Depending on what you like Spike trap bola is still popular

Variations can by snapshotting / gear swapping etc.. 10 mil buiilds to 10 bil builds to do MP10 or whatever you like. Generally use hard hitting slower type weapons like Crossbow and optimize channelling to deal damage.. Tanky because you will be trading hits. Hopefully you hit harder and get life back more than mobs hit you etc..

Ranged DH bulds:


This is shoot and move type build. Stutter steppin gameplay ususally with a fast weapon like calamity and rare Bows. Harder to play and you can't avoid 100% of the damage you take until you get better. DiEoxide has played and developed this style for a long time. There is a learning curve. But it is very fun and challenging if you can pull it off.

Beginners build to ranged play.

Allows you to play ranged but low dps and low gear cost. 1 mil to 10 mil to 100 mil to 100 bil gold .. you can progress properly with this build. By that I mean you can slowly exchange eHP for more DPS as you get better at stutter steppin. No fun if you die alot.

Along with these builds there are tons of other ones. Sentry builds / Sharpshooter caltrops builds / bola strafe builds / hardcore proven builds... etc...

@mentirosa and @DropDead - Welcome to the DH. There really is not wrong builds for the DH. My suggestion is find out what skills ( hatred spender and primary attack combo) you like. Use it and optimize with gear and supporting skills.

I truly advocate builds and gameplay you find yourself and like playing. Enjoy the game.

Add Nyan if you like rapid fire channelling or hybrid or snapshotting. A great player who is really knowledgeable and helpful.

If you just want to play and see how I handle MP5 or MP7 or MP10 with 100k dps with 400 all resist. and 40 armor, add me in game. I can help you on your way to finding your own build you like to play..
yes, u'll find no better person to add than nyan, he's extremely knowledgeable and nice and will help u guys out
Here is a new build I am working on. I like bola / entangling shot / cluster arrow.. so those are what i am going to use. Then the gear bonus and other skills goes to support the skills i have selected. I also don't want to use shadow power as a choice.. so I will need LoH / LS and other things to make it work.

Entangling shot to proc LoH and Nightstalker for smoke screen. I used vault in the video but I am finding smoke screen to work better.

Bola for AoE and some crowd control versus elites
Cluster arrow Malstrom for Life Steal and because I just like it .

Boar / Perfectionist cause I like the combo.

Here's the gameplay. I switched to smoke screen and I find that it synergizes with the build alot better than vault but you can use either.. Smoke screen keeps me from dipping below 1/2 health or large damage spikes.. If you like find a way to use both ..

It's ranged play. Although I stand still a few times just to see if I can take damage and come back from it.. Let me know what you guys think.. I play tank a long time ago and can't go back.. boring to me.

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