anyone crafting cain's set? 360

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hey everyone, I'm looking to get a cain's set for my WD on the xbox. I don't have all the mats but will gladly pay for the set. GT is Sufferthedragon. message me when you're on and how much you want for the set. thanks.
I can make it for you,. will be on tonight about 7pm EST. GT: Anyolname
I can craft you that set for a little support via PayPal, PM me for the details.
won't be on till about 9-10 est. if that works great. if not let me know the next time you'll be on AnyOLName and we'll work something out. Thanks!
I can't remember if I have enough mats to make a whole set or not but, I'll make you what I can. Won't charge you anything other than as many mats as you can put towards it yourself.
GT: BlayneRTFM
I got caught up last night. will be on to craft for you tonight.
Already made a set for him. Anyone else needing a set, let me know.

Again, GT is BlayneRTFM

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