Don't know what to do to up DPS

Demon Hunter

Is my current Demon Hunter, who is my main and I am completely lost as to what I need to do to up my DPS. It feels really medicore at the moment and I can't seem to do more than MP2-3 at this point safely. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Replace everything.

I'm not kidding. Your gear is very low-par.
Only think I would keep (for now) is your Manticore, gloves, and helm.
Replace everything. You can find some really sweet upgrades for really cheap.
Might think about getting a Calamity with a socket and putting a red gem in it. That'll make you pew pew faster and give you a better chance to stay alive.

Get rid of Steady Aim and go with Night Stalker. You need more crit chance, but once you get more, you'll see a HUGE difference in how long you stay alive.
What may help you to is to craft your own shoulders, bracers, and gloves. This is definately an inexpensive route to the AH. Up your CC and your CD for sure.

Get a better quiver (Dead Man) with more AR included.

For body and pants, get Inna's stuff and for the belt...The Witching Hour. You'll get bumped up quite a bit with your Manti.

Rings you can find kinda cheap for rare on the AH. Make sure you can get average damage (ex: 33-?) with, CC, CD, dex, and if possible AR.

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