100m....what do?

Demon Hunter
I find myself with a bit of gold again and I'm wondering...can I use this to make my DH considerably better?

All advice is appreciated, and considered. Whether or not I follow it depends on the actual impact on my bank. lol
Your witching hour is a bit of a let down :P
I don't know. :/ I can't seem to beat it under budget.
craft some bracers, then get an attack speed unity(so u can stay above 2aps).
That seems doable. Just put a bid in on a unity with 8% atk speed.
you can drop attack speed off your quiver in return for stats and still make 2.0 aps breakpoint

you can get inna pants with dex/vit roll instead of all res and lose 0 ehp

you can get a nats ring with crit dmg instead of crit and probably profit in the process
I've been staring at a reflection with 30 resist all and 45 crit damage for like 20 mins lol,,,,

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