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Hey fellas. :)

A quick question if you don't mind.

Crusader is a class I am very much looking forward to, and will be playing him as my main class distributing all of my Paragon points on him alone. Since the AH is shutting down in half a year I was thinking on buying gear for my Crusader before it goes down.

Could you please offer any advice on the matter? Should I buy equipment as if I'm building a barb or?

And are there any confirmations/hints on the paragon experience distribution when the expansion comes out? Will it be linear or will it sum the paragon experience you have and convert it to paragon points? I am asking to get the best deal out of it. Leveling one character to 100 is not the same thing as leveling 5 to 20 :)

Take care
IIRC Crus. main stat is STR. So equip 'em like a Barb. But honestly Ide say wait till Loot 2.0. (Least thats my plan or I may just wait till I roll a Crus)

Sharagon will pool all paragon lvls into one sum. [exp. you have 5 lvl 100s the total would come out closer to 450 or so]
So basically I can safely wait until the last day and then buy the lvl. 63 barb equipment for my new crusader? :)

This will not be available for a ladder crusader character? (They will start fresh with no items?)

Thank you for the support! :)
it s going to be my hardcore character
With loot 2.0 and 70lvl cap, gear ilvl 63 may be useless.
and yea, start ladder once, expansion hits
Just get a nice immortal kings chest and helm for the AR bonus.

STR Ice climbers. and basically build like a barb. Keep in mind max CC IAS and CD values. 40/40/250 and stack STR and AVG dam after that.
Hey fellas. :)

will be playing him as my main class distributing all of my Paragon points on him alone.

I don't think you understand the Paragon 2.0 systen at all.
lol i would take crusader as an opportunity to experience the loothunt and enjoy upgrading gears through leveling. buying the gear now will ruin the fun for me.
any1 got a link to this new stuff as this is first im seeing of this
10/01/2013 07:11 AMPosted by RapidKill
any1 got a link to this new stuff as this is first im seeing of this

start here.
With loot 2.0 and shared account wide para levels, you wont need any gear. leveling my Dh on d3 ps3 with account with para lvl of 17. I found 3-4 legends per act starting in Nm. Now I know that console isnt 2.0 ( read somewhere its more of a loot 1.7) but if its any indication. You should be just fine.
I'm personally saving for my crusader only leveling gear:

2 Hellfire rings for xp (1 on follower 1 on crusader)
2 High Rubies probably perfect star or above 1 for helmet socket xp bonus 1 for weapon damage (not Marquise since 5m unsocket and boa is ridiculous compared to 7K for Radiant Star)
A socketed lv 15 weapon so I can start using the ruby damage asap (you could get a socketed genzaniku at lv 9 but 6 levels earlier isn't worth 60m+ to me especially since 9-15 goes fast)
Cain's Fate set for even more xp
and considering if i'm willing to lose like 50m on a Leoric's signet for more xp (or two if one on follower) - probably not.

I wouldn't buy anything you're not willing to lose all value on with the new loot system coming.
You paragon experience across all characters will be accumulated and determine your new paragon level. All your characters will have the same paragon levels. however you can assign and determine your stats differently for each of your characters. you can focus your paragon points on STR for your crusader, it wont affect your paragon points for your wizard. All characters have their own set of points to utilize.

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