Those who raise the dead.

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This is a very long question, and yes I did use the search and yes I looked on the wikis and no I have not read the Sin War Trilogy.

The Necromancer and the Witch Doctor both have the ability to raise the dead and create various constructs. Now the first Necromancer was Rathma train by his dragon friend. Now it says some where in the Lore only Necromancers know the laws and guides on how to do what they do. Yet the Witch Doctor can as well, which leads me to ask are Witch Doctors runaway Priest of Rathma? Did the Witch Doctors tap in to another source (possibly the "spirits") to gain this power? Also both hail from the eastern Jungles. I am aware that the Necromancers spend much of their time in the vast Labyrinth-like under ground city but is there a chance the two would meet outside of "world changing events"?
I must admit, my knowledge of WD lore, the Unformed Land and the like is not as strong as it maybe could be, but I'll answer as best as I could.

I don't think the Witchdoctors are related to the Necromancers as closely as being a direct breakoff or anything, but as you mentioned, they live relatively nearby and both dabble in mystics of the dead so they may have come commonality.

However, it is clear that while similar, the powers that Necromancers use differs greatly from those of the Witchdoctor. The WDs do indeed tap into the power of the Unformed Land, while Necromancers deal with heavy-handed magic.
In my opinion it is not a case of belonging to some kind of group. Everyone can gain the knowledge of death magic but I think most of the people think of it as repulsive. Witch Doctors probably discovered it by performing some ritual perhaps when they honored their dead and they practiced it henceforth. Necromancers are probably mages that dabbled in these arts and when they were inspired by it they searched for and joined the Necromancer Order. Just my assumptions.

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