20m gold not sure what to upgrade suggestions

Demon Hunter
Take a look at my profile. I Kinda took stuff i saw and twisted it to fit my playstyle. I feel i have a good balance or survivability/dps and i run pretty smoothly in MP7. So what should i be looking to upgrade. My initial thought was my rare ring. Possibly gloves but those are crafts so. What do yall think
Your gears are good, what level do you intend to play in mind? So that people can better advise. Off the curve, 20Mil gold to upgrade from your current gears is indeed a challenge. I would suggest the following in order of importance:-

1. Craft Amulet
2. Look for rare ring upgrade
3. Re-craft Bracer (try for better DPS since you can already survive well now)
Here is a quick fix...

Entangling shot - Shock colar to proc knock back and crowd control better.. stutter step to create enought space /gap so you can setup 1- turret 2 - shadow power 3 - sit there and unload as much RF as you can with prep. punishment.. ( when you use SP fire then RF it snap shots LS so as long as you have RF up you should never die with smokescreen .. )
Take out Bat and put guardian turret or spit fire turrent instead
Use Preperation - punishment instead of back up plan so you can just RF till they die. If you run out.. just stutter step back with entangling shot to recreate that gap again and refil your hatred.)

As for gear craft the bracer or glove or amulet. It's a crap shoot so best of luck..

You will need over a 1 bil gold to go to 300 k dps I guess. Your build works but anymore dps is usually a huge gap. But it is a good time to buy from AH cause everybody is dumping their gear.

Add me.. let's just play. I want to see how you play..

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