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I've recently came across a triple number such as 666 or 777 gold on the ground during my farming raid. When my character walked over to pick it up, I came up an idea or gimmick about a random spawn event. Normally, many MMORPG games have random events popping in and out which I've known a couple of them having them just to satisfy our taste for fun. Some good some bad, which ever event that is seemingly less tedious and eerie would allow us to get something new for once. I mean farming on the same routine has driven us bananas which brawling has probably been dull as well. There's probably no wager in a pvp. I mean even RS has a wager setup when a pvp starts dueling even though that game is actually still bad in my book, and I quit playing RS. So to say, I hate to admit this, but pvp in D3 is pretty dull lately with the same one map which it isn't like Rakion on Softnyx where there is more than just pvp or team death match which I'll discuss about Demonic Possession War by tomorrow when I have time to post it. Any who, moving on to the oppressing matter is that Blizzard Entertainment hasn't been giving us more in D3 despite of more delays of Itemization. We were wondering how long is pvp coming out which took it a whole year to do so. All of you were wondering why isn't it like D2 where pvp can be done at anywhere and anytime, but having excuses is unacceptable in any circumstances. What else to add? Drinking a potion which takes about 30 seconds for it to reuse it again. So I ask myself, what was my character been doing for the past 30 seconds? Scratching his/her butt? Picking his/her nose? I get that D2 you could drink as many potions as you want without abusing it since you don't restore the health bar full quickly rather than restore the health bar slowly which that makes perfect sense. But no, we have a 30 seconds policy as if an archangel is preventing us from healing. That also includes your follower from getting a taste of a health potion too. It's bad enough we have annoying followers that keeps us well annoyed. I mean if my follower dies; I want to get a new one just like D2 since that's the circle of life, but there's no circle of life. Heck, or even a circle of power for all WoWzers. Well enough complaining, let's cut to the chase. I'm going to make a list below, so I would like to have a comment or feedback from you guys. It could be positive or negative feedback. Idrc as long as you guys appreciate and respect my thoughts to this ideal mind. Nevertheless, random number event is something you guys would love to get more good drops and surprises. XP

[li]111 gold = Single elite spawns. Rare yellow or blue elite.

[li]222 gold = Double Trouble elite spawn. Both rare and blue elites.

[li]333 gold = Triple Trouble elite spawn. Rare, blue, and unique elites.

[li]444 gold = Doppelganger spawns. Fight against your doppelganger. When they die, they have 1 out of 13 chances to drop an item on what your character is currently equipping on.

[li]555 gold = Demonic Pentagram is a demon spawn portal on the ground which allows elites to spawn out. It only lasts about 5 minutes with 5 elites maxed. So when an elite dies, another spawn. If that doesn't satisfy your time, you could also interact at the end of the point of each side. Thus, having to fight 5 elites would consider to be a mayhem to face them all. Most players faced off 3 elites. I haven't witness 4 or 5 of them being encountered in one big spot. Also, when all of them are defeated, last elite or goblin will spawn out of the Demonic Pentagram.

[li]666 gold = Shadow Diablo spawns. He only spawns when Diablo is defeated. He's like Jason Voorhees. When he dies, he'll come back again when you pick up the devil's gold.

[li]777 gold = Goblin spawns. If the goblin drops 777 gold, a greedy goblin spawns out. Furthermore, he is able to take gold and items off the ground, so I suggest to pick up your treasure before he does. If the greedy goblin dies, he drops everything including the items he had taken away. Also, if he dies with the portal opened which only occurs when he is about to escape just like any goblin would do, players may enter to face Greed himself. Greed is good!

[li]888 gold = It is like a random 8 ball which means you have one of these event 111 - 999 gold event.

[li]999 gold = Good or Bad Fortune. If it is good fortune, an archangel will give you a Legendary Item based on holy damage; however, if it is a bad fortune, a rare, yellow elite a.k.a Succubus will spawn out, or you'll receive a bad item from the witch. Hopefully from Adria, she'll get burn for this travesty. Furthermore, if it is a bad item, maybe the person who gave it to you would return and reconsider of having it back and trade it for something a little better item. If you ask me, that seems to be a win situation. This would define as Blizzard Entertainment's trolling effect.
That sounds like fun :)
Yeah would be nice, but they wouldn't add it through a patch it would be an expansion. blizzard is the like apple of the gaming world.

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