Crafted Chest Pieces?

Demon Hunter
Does anyone actually use these on Softcore? I have 2 sets of armor I have been playing around with, of course I lose my set bonus of 130 extra Dex and an extra affix, as chest armors come with 5 affixes+huge base stat.

It basically comes to
210-230 Vit
3 Sockets
2 Other stats...

I have gotten a few amazing ones with AR OR Damage reduction OR percent life.
I find it makes it a ton easier on other parts of gear, because you can essentially ignore Vit on so many other pieces and get like 65k hp and have very low vit on other peices... It makes gearing far chearper in my experience.

My alternate set for MrBlonde has about 66K unbuffed HP with 320 DPS with 420 AR, compared to me right now which is 53K HP with 345 DPS and 340 AR.

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