Where am I going wrong?

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I am a pretty new player, and I have to admit, I have never been good at video games, at all. So I get that I am not high level, not extremely well geared, and not at all skilled.

I started playing to fart around with my best friend who is a very good player. He solo's MP10, no biggie, great guy.

When I join games with him, I die at the first (sometimes second) hit of anything on the ground, arcane sentries, poison, fire... doesn't matter. I don't even have time to get out of it before I go squish on anything higher than MP5.

My resistances are all over 800. I have 52K life. I realize that's not awesome, but I think I should be able to survive one hit.

Can anyone tell me where I might be screwing up?
I'd take a look at the build. Swap vision quest for jungle fortitude for the damage reduction. Take a look at the WD in my profile for the skills. Locust swarm for pulling on lower monster power levels, swapped for BBV slam dance on higher MP levels to burn down elites. You can use jaunt mid-channel to avoid big damage hits, but if you're going to have to move after that 3 seconds anyway due to poison stacks, sitting on an arcane spawn point, etc. just reposition without spirit walk unless you absolutely have to use it to move. Finally, look at a Skorn with life steal. You can get a lot more LS than with your axe, it will benefit your CoB channeling stamina so that you don't even need vision quest so much, and you really don't need much pickup radius (which you're using from your offhand) because stuff is dying right next to you anyway from CoB.

My .02, for what it's worth. Your doc looks pretty good otherwise!
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Can anyone tell me where I might be screwing up?

1) Use an amethyst in your helm. Dead WD = 0 exp
2) Use radiant star gem in your weapon
3) Use 2 Vit gems in your pants or get a pants with >250 Vit. When you reach high paragon level, the Vit will be sufficient and you can replace the gems with Intel gems.
4) For rare ring, can easily get one with CHC and CHD

*Skorn is the easier path, I'm not sure if you really enjoy going the 1Hander path. Always dying doesn't sound fun to me.

Everything above is about gearing, which is only half the equation. The other half is about your skill selection for combo and synergy. Also, you need to practise some techniques to deal with the various situations in-game.

Read the guide and watch the videos here:
It looks like you made some gearing changes, which is probably helping you out quite a bit. If you are dead set on keeping grasp of the dead because of how you're playing the build, I would at least change the rune, probably for either damage or duration. You don't really want pets and followers keeping mobs from being interested in doing anything other than throwing themselves into your CoB blender. In fact, I prefer to run my templar around naked so he's dead as much as possible since you still get the mana regen passive bonus whether he's dead or not. Same goes for templar's skill load out, as using charge isn't something that's terribly helpful since you can't control when he uses it. More often than not he's gonna stun some stuff on the other side of the screen so you have to either sit there waiting for the stun to wear off or go get them yourself. Ditto the Windforce on the Scoundrel. Knocking mobs out of your CoB is all bad because they die slower and you aren't keeping yourself up from other damage because you aren't leeching anymore. Same goes for the strongarm bracers, knockback is more likely to kill you than help you.

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