Naked challenge anyone?

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- What character you used?
- What skills?
- How long it took to do?

Not for challenge, just to see how it goes, went with my friend to fight King Leoric last night Nightmare MP0. He is on Barb, I'm on DH, both P100. Wasn't difficult, only time consuming. Took exactly 40 minutes. Minions are health globes suppliers.

The build I used!ZfU!ZbYbac. Pretty much tanking all the time. Leoric on that difficulty takes about 3-4k life in one hit. Not bad considering I had a little more than 12k life with Perfectionist.

Planning to try the Butcher in Nightmare to find optimal skills set and get some training :)

Edit: just realised it called The Hero's New Clothes challenge, not Naked lol
I will do when I finally get to p100. in about 3 years I think
I've been tempted to do this one. Add me if you want another player :-)
I did this with a friend. If I remember correctly, we went in together, he fully clothes, me butt naked. I got a hit on each boss, then he killed them. Not really a challenge as such, lol.
Yeah, followers can do the job for you as well (apart from Diablo), just equip them right. Not a real challenge too.

Party of 4 could be fun, some sort of "Naked Ubers Challenge", "Sauna Party with Ghom", "Butcher's BBQ".., you name it :)
Naked is no equipped items right?
That means no weapon also...because I kept thinking it's no armour, so there for you are naked and weapons aren't considered clothing.
But I've learnt it's no items equipped at all.
I've also learnt you must be completely naked for the entire battle with Cydaea for the Naked Lust achievement to work.
So you can't swap out weapons the last minute when Cydaea life is low.

I was thinking how would a DH do this challenge since most DH skills need a crossbow in order to work, but then I forgot about the non-crossbow abilities.
That's how I understand it too, no equipment at all from the start to the end of the battle.

You can see from my link to the build I posted above, I used grenades as that skill doesn't require a bow. Turrets do some damage, boar is my ally for extra protection and life regen.

In Nightmare it is not that bad, you can take 1-2 hits and stay alive. The Hell difficulty... will see, I'll post how I go.
Cheated a bit. Used Enchantress with Maximus to kill Butcher, Belial and Azmodan. 5 minutes or less for each of them.

Diablo. Managed to take about 20% of his health on 7th attempt after 1 hour+. The more you run, the more you learn how to avoid his attacks. It is possible, just need more time. Would be fun to see how barbs and monks will do hit-and-run thing :)
I dint see that as cheating just using what is at your disposal.

I had not thought of that. Also isn't there another challenge to have your flower land the Final blow?

I think a group game to do diablo could be good to share the challenge of dogging all the time. Obviously any skills that deal damage without being manned would be the best. Also working on a set of toons that help each other. One giving life regeneration etc. would make it a lot easer.

I will have a think of a party mix and rune set to do it nude

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