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thats some pretty badass gear ominith, the only thing I would do to jump from 9/10 to 10/10 is switching your echo for a nice sword (fear chance is too frustrating) and working on dropping OWE

Decent start your ehp is a bit low try get over the 5000 armor range that will help as well a bit more vit on your gears. All res is good just over 600. I thinks you could use some new weapons that's what is holding back your dps all in all looks good.
Please rate the guy above you next time

Also please can next person rate the guy above me we posted at the same time

plenty of solid gear choices you have made. 61k life maybe overkill so you can opt for emeralds in sockets instead. But your ample health pool is a preference. Perhaps craft a bit more to pick up a bit more Vit so you can socket with emeralds to boost your DPS.

Actually after looking at your crafts again they are quite nice haha. Good stuff! I don't recommend picking up any big ticket items right now since they will be obsolete sooner than we expect.



wow lots of LOH, hows the surival in mp10 without LS? id figure pretty decent with all that attack speed and lpss

looks like u have the budget id prob go with trifecta blackthorn amy and dex/vit tals chest or even a crafted chest if you have the DEs. that would be a fairly expensive upgrade depending on the quality of the amulet.

if this was my monk, i would probably replace the lacunis first. you can find a dex/vit one with higher res for decent price.

overall, very nice unique monk setup using a pair of shenlongs, hardly see anybody using those. i definitely appreciate monks who think outside the box and utilize non cookie builds. all around very solid gears, id rate a 9.5/10.

You made Shenlong's set work and that's freaking awesome. You have a crazy amount of LoH (maybe too much?) and your Nat's Reflection is freaking god-like. 9/10

Woops looks like K0tic beat me to it.


Awesome monk. Your mainhand fist is out of this world and you've got some really good crafted gear. Your EHP has not suffered at all for you to sit on such a high amount of Edps/Pdps. Very impressive. 10/10 I can't really tell you where to improve. Other than the obvious ideas of MORE STATS
@Reflex. There are many things to be improved there. Maybe start with the amulet. 6.5/10

I just got myself a mempo a craft a new bracer. Lots of improvement in ehp. please rate me :D

your build is really special. i think u waste to wkl. basically the wkl build should go with fot and cyclone because the lighting dmg. u use alot strong spirit build such as wol, ep, tr.... so u turn on exalted spirit and get rid of the sti. i think that is not good to u with that low ar. 5/10

Thank you for your feedback. I think you saw my tempest rush, exploding palms, bells build, which I use with my Skorn. Typically, I use a fist or mace with WKL for cookie cutter and variants.

Just spent a ton of time on AH with no luck finding any upgrades for 100 Mill. Kind of stumped on where to go from here.

I've been running crypts lately, that's the reason for the hellfire and red gem in helm. I get 50-60m exp a run. My axe needs an upgrade badly, and I'll be leaning towards swords to attack faster. My WKL is my baby. :)

For your weapons, the mace would give a bit more damage, but your fist would attack a lot faster. It's your preference, really. IMO, I'd go with the fist until you get a nice upgrade. I just like to attack fast.

I think I like to attack fast too. :)
Araharja 9/10 awesome monk extremely well rounded good dmg vs ehp. Just keep crafting and hoping for a godly to perhaps edge out one of the nice crafts you're currently repping ^_^
10/11/2013 01:24 AMPosted by Jumi
Araharja 9/10 awesome monk extremely well rounded good dmg vs ehp. Just keep crafting and hoping for a godly to perhaps edge out one of the nice crafts you're currently repping ^_^

Thxs alot Jumi. Pretty satisfied with my toon so far. Will be crafting more Shoulder soon.

PS: Skip me, pls rate Jumi
Wah I got missed up there
Rapper is pretty solid! Keep up the good work >:)

Rating 9/10

Edit: Thank you Spear and Electroclash.
@Boneyard, very similar to the sets I like to put together; OWE, high hit points, high resistance. The only exception is the 2-hander (not used it much except for a little TR here and there). Seems like the Skorn works well for you though. 9.3/10

@Boneyard Interesting with no nats set. Nice setup and very balanced. 9/10!
Since I got missed. @Electroclash, very good dps on a nice dual wielding Monk. Would like to see a little more ehp though if possible. Monks in general talk about 50K health, 550 resistance and 5000 armor as minimums, but you've missed two and barely make the third. Having said all that, I bet your Monk still kicks !@#. 9/10


I cant believe that you can make a extreme budget monk and can do mp7 run. If you use blackthorns chest, why you dont find a blackthorns pants to earn the vit combo? Decent AR you have with OWE. But your hp and armor are still low. Keep up. I think you can make him better. (7/10)
@ManUnited 10/10
very nice glove and craft bracers, and your rings 100 avrg dmg wow!
almost 300k dps. very nice monk
@ExTaShie 8.5/10
You have a well rounded Monk. Your resists/armor/vitality is a bit low but I know you can manage. Only thing i suggest you change is your bracer and WKL. Craft some more bracers(GL) and replace the WKL with another weapon with at least 2.7% lifesteal.
@Expirey 8/10

I'm giving you an 8 because of the potential you could get out of better bracers and especially shoulders, I'm sure you know you could craft better, and you seem like a guy who has a bit of gold to spend from looking at your gear. Shoulders: You could probably sell yours, and craft better within the first 100 or so, granted you might take a hit vit wise, but you can make it up with def stats like + def and + str. Bracers: You can craft some with huge dex and vit and it will make up for the vit loss on your shoulders while getting 4k-10k dps increase between the 2 while keeping your stats high. But yeah, I'm sure you roll through MP10, so my advice is probably not needed. :)


edits: for teh grammarz.
@Faust, 7/10

Pretty solid monk, went the high AS route stacking average dmg. Pretty good balance of dps/ehp. Quite a few pieces could be upgraded for a pretty cheap price; 6 cc Innas, better nats boots with higher stats, and keep rolling on the shoulders.
@LazyGenius - Uhmm I dont know if that is your real gear, but I was just wondering why the zuni set? and it would improve your dps if you would use either a sword or a fist so it could improve your aps..improve your CC to 5/10

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