FREE GEAR for wd

Witch Doctor
im lookin to give away my gear or trade. im lookin to upgrade my barb so will trade my wd gear for barb gear. but if you convince me I will give away
Would be nice if i could get it, I don't have any gear to trade though, I've been out of the game for a bit and my main (and only lvl 60) is a WD and can't really get any decent gear.
Hi there, I'm trying to upgrade my wd so me and my friend can try higher mp's. i use all the guides for skills, but dont have enough money.
Hi there, I was wondering if you are wiling to giveaway your gloves to me? I have crafted hundreds of gloves and still no luck rolling a trifecta :/ I can give you mine in exchange if you'd like? (not that it will help)
I just dinged 60 with my wd, well last night to be specific. It'd be cool if you were willing to give me your zuni's pox.
I would like to improve my witch doctor but I don't have the necessary gold to buy an upgrade for my witch doctor. I like playing my witch doctor as much as I can once I got him to 60 but I have to resort to using half of my wizard's gear on my witch doctor. I would love to win this giveaway.
I have a lot of gear I would be interested in trading. Add me if you would like to chat and review my items. or milk lizard#1889
hey suphab I got my gloves in ah for around 10 mil so just look there
Hi wetherbee,

As you can see I'm a beginner WD. Honestly, I really don't know where to go from here. It would be nice if you could help me get some basic gear.

hey chris send me a request ill help you in the game

Sorry to be blunt with you, but I don't want to owe you anything. When you said you were giving these away, I thought you were really willing to give away those items for FREE. So please just get your items back from me. Why did you leave the game all of a sudden? I won't do anything to these items anyway. Just PM me if you want them back.

Nevertheless, if it means anything, thank you for the budget gear tips. At least now I have an idea where to go to.

I said if you could I whould like some extra items. and then said then if you get gear or money and want to give it to me you can. but it don't so its ok just keep the gear.
Hey, I have a witch doctor approaching level 60 and have been wanting a zuni set for a long time, if you still have it I'll buy it from you if you're interested.

- Never mind I see you gave it away. Lucky him haha.
i recently made a wd got rushed by someone cause i am new. my friend dont play anymore so i took over. I have no good gears and i dont know much about how to play it. some people just gives me spare left over pieces they didnt want but i dont have a complete wd set to maintain good game play. i am trying to main wd. your gears will benefit me as it will help me greatly since you are giving it away to someone who will make use of your gears. I can give them a good home.
I don't think its a fair trade for me my wd has more dps,vit, and im not using any dmg passive skills. maybe for some better gear.

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