WD Alt, Finally 200k COB, 1hand

Witch Doctor
So i started playing WD CoB, and i have to say it's pretty boss(played bears a bit). Even with mediocre stats this build is pretty imba.


3169 Int
1099 Vit

Para 26

200k dps
1.64 aps
52 crit
375 Crit Dmg(Marquise Ruby)

3561 Armor
53.8k Life
870 all res
2.8% LS

I run mp8 typically, havent tried out mp10 to much but seem's doable, this isnt a very expensive WD imo, and i think im doing well for my alt, what do you guys think?
keep at it! try to work a bit more hp when your at mp10 then you should be all set!
I see a lot of higher dps WD's using rare weapons, and is the extra mana regen stat on Visage worth having to use Skulls? i think id prefer serpent, i have 300int/str roll with mana regen one sittin in stash atm
Hi, this is a well build Alternate WD.
Try to get your HP at 60k+, and more armor if possible, MP10 is not an issue for you.

If you use CC Visage to replace Vision for the mana regen, you will need a Max Mana from SoJ / Frog / other random roll from mojo. Else you will out of mana at 2nd recast of COB with 1.64 APS.
If you're thinking of going visage skulls route, just make sure you have the gear to support the ehp loss, and be prepared to lose some dps with it. I lost about 10k dps just by using visage but I didn't complain at all.
I'm really just not sure what route will take me higher in dps the easiest, do i need a slower weapon base and then stack attack speed on gear?

Your wd is built very similar to mine. I only run MP10. You will find that 3% life steal is better. You will also notice a significant performance increase when you add a slot of pickup radius. I have not found any skillset that works as good as what I have on in my profile. Things got a lot more comfortable for me around 65k life also. I have never tried act 4, but do pretty good on 1,2,3.

Good Luck
I have a question to you DrFish, did you craft your sword and if yes how much did it cost you.

(And was it during the exploit ?)

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