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How does one work out what the white DPS number on a weapon will be when equipped with a marq ruby? Shopping for a mace/spear and I need this info please :)
The amount of damage the (marq) ruby adds to the DPS number is:

160 * AS * WD%

AS = base weapon attack speed (1.2 for mace/spear)
WD% = % weapon damage modifier

So your knife for example gets:

160 * 1.4 * 1.40 = 313.6 damage

A lot of the simulator sites will do this automatically for you but I've never used one so I wouldn't know where to point you.
10/06/2013 11:06 AMPosted by nikt
160 * AS * WD%

Excellent! I forgot the details and couldn't find it. I should update some portions of my CoB guide.
While you're still online, can I just expand on the question,

Does the formula boost up "+Average Damage" stat on rings and amulet (and Mojo) in the same way?

+Ave Damage * AS * WD%

I'm thinking it should, hoping to get some confirmation.

Edit: Actually I would split up the Attack Speed portion and factor that in last. I would consider all the alteration of baseline damage first (e.g. %element, +Ave Damage, WD range, % against Elites, etc), then consider the frequency of the weapon's attack.
I'm not certain if WD% affects other sources of damage or not, but I would lean more towards it not affecting them. Attack speed does but it's probably more accurate to just think about the damage getting added to each attack (with respect to attacks per second) since increased attack speed operates differently on weapons and armour.
Appreciate the swift response nikt :)

Maybe I asked the question incorrectly however. We know that when one inserts a marq ruby into a weapon the main DPS number on the weapon itself goes up. For instance my knife goes from 1125 or so to 1440. What I'd love to know is how to determine/calculate that increase, from 1125 to 1440 on any weapon. D3up seems to allow you only see the *sheet* DPS difference.

Is there a formula for this?
10/06/2013 04:36 PMPosted by Eloquator
Is there a formula for this?

That will be "grade of gem" x "weapon % damage".
Example Marquis Ruby x "+40% weapon damage" = 160 x 1.40 = 224

But you should also note that your knife doesn't do 1125 damage. After dividing by the attack speed, it does only 803.57 average damage. Add in the Ruby total = 1027.57 damage. Factor in the attack speed and you get 1438.6 DPS. It's slightly off, but your 1125 was an estimate.

That's why I asked about "+average damage" and Mojo, because I'd think they all add to weapon damage where the "+% damage" stat ought to modify it?
Thanks much Paul.

When I said 1125 I wasn't average damage but the totalled DPS displayed as the first stat on the weapon. Should I be ignoring that number in favour of its average damage number then?
The average damage from trinkets and mojo DOES get affected by damage modifiers like SOJ or zuni boots, but not by % weapon damage, that last one only affects extra damage inside the weapon itself (a socketed gem).

I made myself a dps calculator in excel which is more accurate than D3up (it goes closer to your game displayed dps than the d3up's one). Tho its ugly to look at lol, like a normal spreadsheet, not the fancy looks from the website.

you can insert all the data needed for dps in there, primary stat, black dmg, elemental dmg, dmg mods like soj, weap dmg, cc, cd, attack speed, attack speed increases. dont remember what else.

if you want the calc just hit me up here or ingame


EDIT: extra dmg in weapon by socketed ruby gets affected by both SOJ mod type and weap %. didnt say it explicitly but just to clarify hehehe

you can know what the dps of a weapon will be by doing the following formula:

(base dps)+{(ave dmg in ruby)x(weapon attack speed)x(1+weapon % dmg)x(1+extra attack speed stat in weapon)} = new socketed dps
Thanks for the crystal clear explanation here and ingame Radre :D
Just a quick question about the formula, should it be (minimum damage of ruby) instead? Average damage seems to need to add the other +half max damage portion similar to ring and amulet. So 160 becomes 240 when we really want to count 160 only. Comments pls?

Edit: typo

each part of the dmg from the gem is added once, minimum gets added to all your minimum dmg stack ONLY, and maximum to the maximum stack, the minimum is not added to the max stack as well. at least this is what my calculations say because they are pretty accurate, more than D3up's in the dps. (accurate meaning more close to the game's displayed dps number).

sooooooooooo, yeah average dmg should be the same as either the minimum or maximum dmg in the gem.

cheers =]

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