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Witch Doctor
Hello all,

I'm looking for some help.

Objective : farm In MP 10 .

My thoughts:

- I have Other Off hand for Elites/Ubber My DPS UP more 11k Damage .
- I Swap my HellFire for other Ring My DPS UP 21 K , I use Hell Fire for Farm LVL .

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Any help is appreciated.

Help... to do what? You didn't ask anything specific.
What MP level are you farming?
Yep Sorry PaulNG , My Objective is Farm in MP 10 .
10/07/2013 10:02 AMPosted by RafaelMelo
My Objective is Farm in MP 10 .

With some very minor tweaks, you can already be farming in the popular routes of MP10 (A1 festering, fields, hollow, A2 oasis and its sub-dungeons). Group runs here will provide plenty of exp and A1/A2 keys.

Therefore, you can drop your exp gem in helm, and your HF ring and focus on gear to perform those routes more efficiently.

For anyone that wants to go Inna's pants, the main goal has to be that extra 1% CHC, or it becomes totally pointless. Then the "extra 1% CHC" needs to be compared with the rest of the gear. You are missing so much CHC it doesn't make sense to need Inna's pants. You can achieve much better overall upgrades via (rare pants + lacuni combo) or (blackthorne's pants + lacuni combo) or simply (rare pants + crafted bracer combo). If you insist on Inna's pants path for longer-term gear planning, make sure you have >170 vit in that slot (200 Vit is best).

I mentioned about very minor tweaks to farm MP10. Perhaps you can change out the gems as I suggested (helm and pants), and put in 2 Vit gems into your Inna's. When you reach high Paragon level, merge all the 3 amethyst gems for your helm and put Topaz into your Inna's pants.
Get a build that is optimized for the group farm routes, for example:
SW:HG, SH:VS, Hex:Jinx, F:CoB, MC:P, LS:P (or LS:DS).
Passives = SV, BR, GF

If you're still not tanky enough, take out GF passive and put in JF passive. Note that LS:DS and GF are conditional mana tools, you need crowded places for them to work well, especially in PTV mode.

For the time being, I'd stick with the TotD mojo because >250 Vit is very hard to re-allocate. You need more eHP to be running MP10.

Group runs with teamwork is your best path forward. You are going in with "weaker" gear so you need to be better at your techniques and casting sequences, and your team must do their part.

Edit: say if your online now, add me. I'm going to do some exp runs soon.
Owwwww Very Tnks PaulNG

Very Good ...Now i working ...rsrs

I go Swap My Pants for One Rare Pants Int + Vit + All resist , My Hell Fire And My Head Gem .

I go ADD you =)

My Bracer is Bad ??? You Think i Need Swap for Lacuni ??
10/07/2013 12:11 PMPosted by RafaelMelo
My Bracer is Bad ??? You Think i Need Swap for Lacuni ??

crafted bracers is good too. Try to get one with 6% CHC, among other goodies.
I just got 3 P levels in several runs. Logging off now. We can group run some other day when we're both online together.
OMG PaulNG i Swap my Pants , My Head Gem , My Ring , and Gloves ( Lost DPS but UP CC And Vitality )

Result - Farm All ACT 1 MP 10 FIELDS , Crypt ....=)

Very Thanks ......=)
Yep , the Great Mistake !

I very Happy Now ! =)

My DPS now 180k ( I took the Marquise Ruby ) and Search new One Handed Weapon .....But despite lower DPS i Solo MP 10 !!! Yeeeeeeeee !!!

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