Wizard xp rankings

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I've got 4 toons @ p100.
Working on a 5th one now

Guess that puts me somewhere around 42,916,320,000
woot im on the list and ahead of flomaxx and piehole
suck it gentlemen
Ok, where am I at please...... :)
Yep, you're exactly right.

Awesome list, kiza. I put in a ton of hours before 1.04 and a considerable amount on my miz post P100. Man, if they has launched the game with paragon, us oldies who preordered would be rolling in XP. I feel good about having almost 20 beez xpeez! Rant incoming...

One thing that bothers me about paragon 2.0 is that I like the DH and the work I've put into her. I've played my DH all they way up from MP0 to MP6 using a lot of self founds, crafts, bargain items. I eventually bought a few expensive (by my standards) items so I could grind XP on her better. She was around in 1.03 before MF on gear was nullified also (that was her initial purpose, MF gear). I wasn't playing MP0-6 for global XP efficiency, I was doing it because I thought that the time spent would go toward improving that character with the old adage that I've been telling myself since D2, "There's no substitute for XP."

But now there is a substitute for XP on your character, it's grinding XP faster on another character, a barb or WD perhaps. I guess I just wish that my DH could own that XP and benefit from it somehow. Coz I sure as hell could have gotten it faster on a doc. I guess the good news is, my build is getting buffed big time (remove hatred cost for fan of knives, damage buffs to impale and chakram) so I'll be ready and experienced (no pun intended) because I've been playing this build for a long time (it's the one true ninja build I have seen for any class in terms of skill setup--no offense Jaetch, your ninja wiz is awesome but it doesn't go invisible or throw knives and ninja stars). tl;dr, I wish my DH got a special benefit from farming that XP. End rant.

Again, sweet list. Thanks for putting me on it!
im not quite pro at calculating but my buddy here Krieg does not need to be calculated.. XD

srsly i can't catch up haha

hmm how much XP is one p100 char? I have 2 @ 100, 1 @ 87 and one wd @ 97 . :S
P100 = 10,454,400,000 xp. Added you.
I am a little bit over 20B XP then. I should have two actual p100 toons pretty soon.
Oh god, I have no life, just counted my total paragon xp and realised i got ~42billion.

p.s. I'm from Asia.
My monk and dh need to step it up a notch or two.
Kinda happy I'm not on that list lol
im intrigued by this, good job on the coding, kiza

this may spark my interest to play like i used too

vox too far ahead to catch

kiza too close to comfort and catching up

im starting to play other games

wat a life :D
10/07/2013 10:39 PMPosted by JellzRoc
Kinda happy I'm not on that list lol

Man, I must be slippin. So far, I managed to miss some big names... added
Jesus, you guys are good -- i may need to catch up soon haha. Been pretty busy lately
I don't see myself on the list. I'm disappointed. :P
Looks like I should be around 15bil xp ~ 14,981,760,000 xp. :P
P100, P40, P94, P 16 I bet I am over 20m
My friend, Bigjohnasty#1114- 2 P100s, 1 P99, 1 P39, 1 P, 35, 1 P24.
10/07/2013 05:03 PMPosted by SteelPhantom
woot im on the list and ahead of flomaxx and piehole

Wow Pie, we are some NOOBS! Steel is soo OG we still have not caught up with him!


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