Wizard xp rankings

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didn't work for me :(
do me
@Sorceress, seems fine to me:

I've written your battletag on the box on the upper-right of the page, and clicked on the magnifier lens, and there's your page.

EDIT: Every now or them you can enter there and click on the "Update Profile" so the site can track you down. Your history will be saved and the graph wil be updated. Look at mine, for example:


By the way, I just contracted a new hosting, and will be moving the site tomorrow, maybe today. There will be some interruption on the service, but I don't expect it to be for a long time.
Thanks for some reason the magnifer wasnt doing anything when I clicked on it :) thanks a heap :) pretty low but all good :)
NP, what browser are you using ? I usually test on Chrome, IE and Safari before deployment, I may have forgotten something for another kind of browser. :)
I am on firefox as my browser :) In response to your question
Thanks, I'll install and test.
I'm (somewhat) proud to announce that the website migration to a new server was just completed, guys.

I expect it to be a little faster than the old one, and with better uptime.

The old site is redirecting to the new one if your DNS's still didn't get the new address, and will continue doing so until first week of january, plenty of time for a DNS update around the world.

That means: just enter http://diablo3xp.com and you will arrive at the new site. If you don't notice anything new, that means my work has finished well. :)
Good job! The site does feel faster. I also noticed the "hall of fame" is now alphabetically sorted. Were you able to figure out the new paragon conversion from 376 to 307(?)?
Hey, thanks, glad someone noticed! :D

Actually I didn't know about this 376 -> 307 paragon conversion. Is there a new XP table available somewhere ? I'm researching this right now.
Can you add me? Thanks
Hey Argos, you can add yourself easily: Just enter your battletag (Argos#1307) on the upper-right box with a magnifying glass and click on the glass itself.

I'll lead you to your profile page. But to make life easier:
Thanks Machado.

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