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Hey hey. I'm eye balling set #4. Sitting at plvl 17 on my barb and would have that up to 20 if we weren't down (came back up, now 20). Not sure why, but I like Skorn. My barb and WD both use one. I also equip one on my monk when rushing around.

Story and goals, eh? Well, played when it first came out and stopped when I broke my mouse hand. Couldn't figure out how to effectively use the buttons on the side of the mouse with my other hand. So then I kind of forgot about this. With the announcement of RoS, I decided I needed to try it out again. Jacked around with various classes and builds. Enjoying my barb the most. The plan/goal is rather basic: find a good group of folks to run with on a regular basis, gear up for MP10/prepare for RoS, and help others with gear, ubers, etc.

This was written just below the special set:
Given to a special snowflake of our choosing. Do not ask for this set. Requests will not be entertained -- you will also be disqualified for the other sets (both current and future).

If you missed it, you clearly didn't read.

In any case, your existing gear is worth way more than the set that you're requesting for. I would not classify you as someone who is in need of assistance. Sorry.


Unless you geared yourself really badly, you only need about 500 AR and 50K Life for MP10 (general farming wise -- more if you want to Uber). It can and has been done with way less, but those players are generally more skilled than us.

I really don't want the set to be discarded because it doesn't suit your style. :(

How about this? I'll buy you some gear that would patch up the holes on your Skorn set. And if you want to run dual wield after that, I'll point you to the three pieces that you can buy and swap out to do just that. This way, you can swap between Skorn and dual wield whenever it tickles your fancy.


Aha! Spotted a typo. :P
Then a loud squeal came from behind the doorway I cane from

I don't have any hammerdin gear, but I do have a rented Bugs Bunny suit that you can have... although you do need to return it soon-ish... and there's this fine they impose for late returns...


You're kinda in the same boat as hyunkyl. The sets here are pretty much either a side-grade or a minor upgrade for you. You have some good pieces, but a few of them appear to be low grade version of what the person you're copying off is wearing. :(

I'll see if I can get some items off the AH to patch you up. It's not going to be anything fancy but it should get you to the proper breakpoint (1.67 APS in WotB) and maybe prop up your extremely low Vit. I have to see what's available.
10/11/2013 07:47 AMPosted by Eclipse

Bah. Autocorrect on my tab. I did see it after i posted but didn't really care lol. How does the suit look like? Does it make my butt look fat?
Makes you look like a male supermodel. :P
Yeah, I did a couple unique bounties last night to get some gold and sniped a few pieces on the AH. Was wearing a 5 piece IK with better EHP, but about 22k less DPS.

Looking at this again. Hmm... I might be missing here. What piece or two would fix it up? Comparing me and set 4 seems to be a large DPS difference. Almost 2.5x.
You forgot to buff up your set with skills like Battle Rage, Overpower Killing Spree, WotB and Anatomy (simulation is based on solo). Brawler too if your set supports it.

Click on "Skills" on the upper right side.
Logged out with fury passives on. Was only doing that to speed up MP0 bounty runs. Normally have weapon master and brawler up, which helps, but is still much lower. Going to play around with changing out items to see where to go. Thanks.
Import your character to d3rawr. Then activate the buffs there and compare.
*forehead slap* About all I can say. Enough thread hijacking. Thanks again.
Eclipse when are you upgrading my monk?
1. Check your Barbarian's Paragon level

My Paragon lvl is 3

2. Pick a set that correspond to his/her Paragon level and your playstyle

I'm not sure which set would be best for me. (I'll explain below)

3. Tell us about your D3 journey and perhaps even your goal(s)

My "journey" began last month when I started playing the free trial and I became hooked quickly! My friend had been wanting to play this game for a while and it was his birthday in Sept. I purchased a copy for each of us and I have been helping him level up when our schedules allow. I created one of every class and really enjoyed the Barb. Some of my other friends have lvl 60 DPS classes and I volunteered to tank. I'm still learning the game and trying to figure out what works best. I actually came onto the forums to research tank builds when I stumbled across your generous offer. One of my friends did give me some of his old tanking gear because his main is a Wiz and I did purchase $5 worth of gold but I have no clue what to spend it on. I saw you give some good advice to some of the posters. If I do not meet the criteria for one of the "tanking" sets, maybe you could look at what I currently have and make some recommendations on my build. Thanks in advance!
As soon as you send over a gold bullion. :)


I'll get back to you tomorrow. Off to bed for me. :)
Sounds like a plan. Thanks!
Hey Eclipse!

First of all thanks a lot to you and whoever funded this giveaway. Let me tell you, I know a lot about paying forword.

I'm a teacher in a remote community in Northern Quebec (Inukjuak...you can google it, you'll see.) I've been living here in Inukjuak for 3 years now. I was saying I know a lot about paying forward because I'm a volunteer for a hockey program, developped with former NHL player Joe Juneau, that focusses on keeping the kids in school. Dropout is a huge concern in northern communities and we have a completely free hockey program that allows the kids to travel and play hockey around Quebec as long as they stay in school. I'm telling you this because I do this 12h every week after work and only come back home at 7pm, which cuts a lot on my Diablo time. On top of that, I have a 5 months old son who needs a lot of care. That being said, you will believe me if I tell you I barely have 2-3 hours to play every week.

Diablo is the only game I have ever played. I never had a NES, SNES, N64 or any of those crazy consoles that came out after. I started playing D2 back in 2001, played it untill D3 came out and then started to play D3. I really enjoy Diablo but I have very little time to farm and when I do, I have to do it on a lower mp level than what my character is capable because the internet speed is very low (costs 200$ a month for 3mb/sec). I have been playing a Monk for a long time but I felt like going towards a more tanky character, so I chose the barb. My barb is lvl 56 right now but I will take him to lvl 60 tonight or tomorrow. My monk is plvl 35 though so I hope I can be qualified for set #8, since the paragon 2.0 is coming.

To be completely honest, I do have some lvl60 items already. I have a lower tier EF, a shield and IK chest, helm and belt. I want to give the full picture so you really know who you're giving your set to (if I'm lucky enough to have that oportunity.) Thanks for taking time to read and consider me for one of those sets.

Here is what my barb will look like at lvl 60. I didn't put in skill bonusses nor the 100% CD that I will get from emerald.


Here's where I live:

Hi eclipse

1. Check your Barbarian's Paragon level
currently paragon 11 but will be aiming to reach 20 in the next few days

2. Pick a set that correspond to his/her Paragon level and your playstyle
Set #5 currently suits playing WW. would love sets 6 or 7 but currently a bit of range for where i'm at i believe

3. Tell us about your D3 journey and perhaps even your goal(s)

Began playing D3 at launch with a few friends and we planned to level and play together. Started as a DH who made it to 52 when others began to lose interest. so soon it was just me still playing. Due to an increase in workload at university and the others no longer playing i stopped playing for a while. Now that I have more free time again i came back to the game, with the help of the announcement of the expansion and console release and started leveling a barb. I had a blast leveling and quickly got to 60. upon reaching 60 I looked around on the forums and with the help of one of the guides on here scraped together a ww set for just over 1 mil. nothing great but i'm managing to farm mp3 ok atm.
Came to the forums this morning looking around for some tips and trying to figure out what my next upgrade should be when I came here. While I would absolutely love one of your sets I would also greatly appreciate some tips on how to improve. My goals are to try and get as close to mp10 as I can and work my way towards paragon 100. More short term I am working on farming the mats for my first hellfire ring and then moving up from there.

here is my current set up: http://www.d3rawr.com/d-rO68e (edited, helps to put the right link)

Many thanks for everything you are doing on here. for me and for others, nice to see helpful people around.
Your current gear looks like something from the "good old days." None of the sets on offer are "tanks" so to speak, but there's a lot we can do for you for minimal (relatively speaking) amount of gold to get you up and running with a starter/budget set.

But first I'd like to know more about your group.

What MP level do you guys generally run?
What classes does your friends play?
Links to their profiles would be great so I know what to emphasis on while customizing your set.


I think I was momentarily blinded by all the white on google map. XD

Judging from the gear you listed, I think you're looking for a Sword & Board set? This is the wrong place as I don't have any S&B sets to give out. If S&B is what you're after, you can check with the boys at: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10195829735

The 230/142 Ice Climbers is pretty sweet though. :)

Anyway, one of the reason there's a (not so strict) Paragon requirement is to make sure whoever gets the set would at least have a general idea on how to play.

The P30/40 sets would generally be less tanky than the P20 sets because I assume the player would already have a decent grasp of how to spin-2-win. They would also have a respectable amount of Life with the Vit bonus from their Paragon levels.

A P0 Barbarian with a P40 set will have trouble sustaining perma-Wrath in low MP due to the high DPS (mobs die too fast to generate enough Fury). Going to higher MP may result in a very quick death because your Life is too low.

p.s. I don't think we'll see Paragon 2.0 for at least another 5 months. Our current gear would be obsolete by then with all the nerfs they're implementing to phase them out.


How's your perma-Wrath (see Youtube at bottom of my first post if you're not sure)?

Set #5 is a specialized WW/Rend Skorn set made only for white mob farming (MP7 / MP8 depending on your current Life and skill).

It gives up quite a bit of defense and attack speed for the raw power from Rend. Fury management is also very different from dual wield as you'll only be at 1.43 APS fully buffed.

Here's a video of Chazhang running a similar set (he makes it look easy):

You will have a hard time killing elites unless you perform gear swap like what Chazhang does in the video, or drag them along with you while you run from pack to pack of white mobs.

As my set was built with the help of his guide, the gear swap method is viable. There are other ways to build a tankier version but that makes it harder to gear swap.

If you're not in any hurry, you can wait for me to cobble together more P20 dual wield sets (once my inventory clears up). Let me know.
Just checking in, hit P12, I'm hoping to to get to 16 later on this weekend! =D

*Goes back to work on consolidating the gear guide*
Hi eclipse.
my perma wrath is getting better from practice, and have watched the video in your first post and something I had forgotten about which will probably help out a lot is making sure fury bar isn't full in order for generation to actually occur. about to work on doing that now.
almost p15 now from earlier today.

Edited: perma wrath has been achieved and is working quite well now that I am getting the fury generation I am supposed to be instead of only using sprint when its going to run out. still not quite sure how I forgot such a crucial detail...

ah ok, somehow I missed that and was thinking it was a dw set. also watched the vid of chazhang and all i can say is wow, I hope to get even close to that someday. it happened quite fast and I couldn't see properly, how many pieces of gear does he swap out?

I had anticipated killing elites but i'm still kind of new at this as to what would be the more efficient way to do things. I am more than willing to learn the different play style if that's whats more suited to my current level, or is it just more or a personal preference/playstyle thing?

just as a comparison, sets 6 and 7 are they more focused on dual wielding with more defense and attack speed that you mentioned?

thanks for your help
Yeah, he likes to speed up his videos. @_@

I believe for his real set, he uses SoJ + Litany, Lacuni Prowlers, Ice Climbers with a Mace + Dagger stat stick combo to handle the elites. Once he hits 5NV, he would make the swap as his Barbarian is teleporting back to town.

Skorn vs Dual Wield is more of a personal preference thing. Big hits vs easier Fury/Wrath sustain. If you're going with Skorn, you'll likely gravitate to the WW / Rend since that's one of the best setup for exp farming. For Dual Wield, you'll likely use the cookie cutter WW or WW / HotA hybrid.

Although you can use the Dual Wield sets I made to run either WW or WW / HotA setup, they won't be efficient for Demonic Essence farming where your main targets are elites. For this scenario, you'll want to have a high DPS offhand instead of a stat stick. And you'll probably be running a Sprint / HotA / Rend or a HotA / Leap (Vault runner) setup.

If you're looking for an apple to apple comparison, you can take a look at Set #4. It's more tanky, but the raw DPS is lower.

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