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PSN: Murix_Honda

I'm looking for Barb and DH gear. No mic, sorry.

Bul-Kathos’s Solemn Vow
1348.8 DPS
+ 6% DMG
+ 277 Str
+ 302 Vit
+ 6% ATS
+ 414 LOH

1378.7 DPS
+ 806 MIN DMG
+ 160 MAX DMG
+ 5% DMG
+ 386 Str
+ 405 Vit
+ 160% DC
+ Socket

1329.2 DPS
+ 747 MAX DMG
+ 184 MIN DMG
+ 6% DMG
+ 400 Str
+ 532 LOH
+ 208% DCH
+ Socket

The Three Hundredth Spear
+ 635 MAX DMG
+ 130 MIN DMG
+ 6% DMG
+ 263 Str
+ 12% Movement Speed
+ Reduces damage from melee attacks by 4%
+ Increases Ancient Spear damage by 40%
+ Increases Weapon Throw damage by 42%

Arreat’s Law
1083.6 DPS
+ 694 MAX DMG
+ 174 MIN DMG
+ 308 Str
+ 140 Int
+ 171 Vit
+ 2.5% LS
+ 1.5% CC
+ Socket

Echoing Fury
+ 727 MAX DMG
+ 153 MIN DMG
+ 353 Str
+ 395 Vit
+ 0,26 APS
+ 10.6% Chance to fear on hit

Last Update: 20/10
I'd be interested in the Skorn. What sort of gear are you looking for specifically? IK set pieces?
Just got 60 yesterday... Loking for everything that improves my stats. But I will make a weapon thow build, if you have something that helps. Add me and show me what you have :D
If you are on PS3 I have some items that you may want. Im interested in the Shenlong and Bonesaber...

PSN AirJordan73
Looking for Zunimassa items for wd. I need everything but the boots. I have lots of items to trade. Here are some of them. Let me know if you want stats on any of them, most of them are Intelligence bases. Thanks.

Zunimassa boots
Ice Climbers
Blackthornes Duncraig Cross
Blackthornes Surcoat
Andariels Visage
Visage of Giyua
Mempo of Twilight
Tasker and Theo (3)
Butcher's Carver (3)
Compase Rose ring
Litany of the Undaunted (strength)
Gazing Demise (2)
Manajumas Gory Fetch
Uhkapian Serpent
Also looking for manajumas carving knife. These are for ps3, thanks
i posted a new thread on front page looking for wd gear, specs are all there
hi i was just wondering is anyone trading gear for gold on the ps3
TO DINGALING: i will trade u zunimassas chest, helm, or ring for the boots

I'm looking for
- Plan: Sage's plight
- Plan: Allowed defenders
- Plan: Earthshatter
- Plan: Exalted tassets with 6 proprieties
- Immortal king's Eternal Reign
- Immortal king's tribal binding
- Bul-Kathos Warrior Blood with socket

I offer

Items from set
- Plan: demon's skin
- Manajuma's carving knife (with socket)
- The traverler's pledge x2 (1 is strength, the other is intel)
- Blackthrone's notched belt (strength)
- Bul-Kathos Warrior Blood
- Chantodo's will
- Immortal King's Triumph
- Immortal King's Stride
- Litany of the Undaunted

Interesting legendary items
- Goldskin
- Tyrael's Might
- Skorn
- Ice climbers with 12% speed
- Devil tongue (strengh) with a slot for jewel
- Promise of glory

PSN Aglid
Hoping someone has a chantodo's force with APOC to give away, and a will. Also, GF needs a soso Skorn.

Anyone have too many to carry? :)
do you still have the manujama carving knife? i have full ik set - 2x of the chest - and extra mempo

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