Meet n Greet (Barbarian Style)

Hey I got this idea from DH forum. Everyone say a little something about themselves.

I'm for South Carolina, USA. I'm old, but VERY good looking. No, I'm not listing my phone number and a picture. Next thing you know you share it with your girlfriend or wife, they'll be calling me all hours of the night, won't get any sleep, then they'll tell their girlfriends, their girlfriends will tell theirs... It's a curse I tell you.
Kentucky, USA
I remember the 70's.
I work in a crime riddled city in the midst of a h.e.r.o.i.n. epidemic.
Husband..Father...and a$$hole extraordinaire in my chosen profession.
Non RMAH player that couldn't care less how others spend their's their money.
I run a very very very hard to kill 3m+TDPS pure WW barb in softcore.
I run a fledgling pure WW barb in hardcore and LOVE it.
100% team player....if you're in my party then you know I got your back.

...and there's part of the problem in this world....this politically correct company censored the narcotic that is destroying an entire generation. Sad.
Auckland, New Zealand.

I'm not as good looking as TGC. Nor, apparently, as attractive as Argos.

I do the word and number puzzles in the newspaper each day. I hang out at the gym to relax, when I'm not hotaing demons. My name is not really gooball.
Corn fed Iowan bred middle aged kid here.

Hot pepper connoisseur, and golf fanatic.

Never been to australia, nor do I rage much.

Mainly enjoy chilling out, drinking some brews and watching either the golf channel or football.
Whereabouts in IA? I worked for 4 months in Davenport once, so I visited most towns from Des Moines eastward. It was fun at the start, but when winter set in it got really depressing. Luckily Chicago was only a few hours drive away, so we kept sane with occasional weekend trips.
Cedar rapids I live in.

Cant stand the snow? Lol I dont like it much either, at times I wonder why I moved from az lol

Cedar rapids I live in.

Cant stand the snow? Lol I dont like it much either, at times I wonder why I moved from az lol

What part of AZ? I spent most my life there.
From Fairbanks Alaska,
College student
not too much of a gaming history, except d2.
love the out doors, but being up in alaska in the winter, means you inevitably spend alot of time in doors, so I play D3 (not to much to do when its -50 outside :).
@soldier, Glendale I lived in, right between bell road and union hills, 40th ave.

Loved it out there, but too freaking hot lol
@soldier, Glendale I lived in, right between bell road and union hills, 40th ave.

Loved it out there, but too freaking hot lol

I lived off of 75th Ave & Camel back. And I REALLY don't miss the heat!!
@soldier, Glendale I lived in, right between bell road and union hills, 40th ave.

Loved it out there, but too freaking hot lol
O_O I lived in Tempe for like 2 years.. now I'm in NY, I collect yo monies that you don't pay on yo stuffs, hit me up, I know you IRL bros.
O.K. Now that the thread has started I'll tell you something real about myself.

I might have slightly exaggerated in the beginning of this thread of how good looking I am. But I am old. Grandfather old! 55 years old! I've always enjoyed video games, Unreal Tournament, Crysis, Fallout, Call of Duty, you name it. Now I only play Diablo. I do have a very stressful job, so playing some mindless video game after work seems to relax me. Anyways, that's what I tell the wife.

Whenever I'm not working or playing video games, my wife and I travel extensively. I enjoy live sporting events, fishing, playing ball, and taking long walks on the beach. O.K. I made the last one up.

Yeah beaches, being old does have it's perks. It's called disposable income! LOL
That's pretty cool that you're still playing at 55, Argos. I imagine many of us (I'm 33, and assume many who play Diablo are pretty close to my age) will be playing still at that age, but I don't know many people your age who still play video games. What system did you start with?

As for me, I hail from the magical land of booze and strippers, aka; Portland, Oregon. Fortunately I grew up in a small town on the coast, so I'm not a hipster douchebag, nor a hippie; I just live amongst them in this city. I like building computers, lifting weights, drinking at all our breweries, the good shows on cable, and playing video games.

I started playing video games on our Atari when I was a kid, played the hell out of my Nintendo; to a point where we had to bang on it and blow in it to get it to work sometimes (pretty sure people remember this). I also busted the barrel off the light zapper when "Gumshoe" pissed me off one too many times, so we had to literally hold it against the screen for it to register (Ah, good times).

I'd probably have to say that my favorite games are those that keep me playing the longest, so those would be the Fallout series, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, and Diablo.
Hmmm... Where to begin... ummm Mummy loved Daddy very very much...

Playing out of Brisbane, Australia. Work is pretty busy so I find smashing demons, or pretty much anything involving a PC, PS or Xbox, a great way to de-stress. I was a huge an of D2, got me through a nasty bunch if exams. I also loved the Mass Effect series, great story line.

I enjoy the company of the many good people here too and hope to catch up with you all soon :). Even though the forums are relatively quiet at the moment, it always seems comforting to pop in and see the banter between the regulars.
10/11/2013 12:38 AMPosted by Takkonen
What system did you start with?

Hmmm.... I think it was Radio Shack Tandy gaming system. The games came in cassettes. But my first "real" computer was a used one (don't remember brand) running 1.1? windows. Worthless.

The first video game that really got me hooked was Hellfire. At that time it was cutting edge. The graphics were so bad, that when you entered a cave, you literally couldn't find your way out. You went around in circles hugging the walls until your forward progress let you move forward. That's how you found the pathway.

Ahhhh... the good ole' days.
And in this corner............ a Newfoundland, Canada kid....... well not really a kid.....

I rarely play video games, but Diablo 3 is my exception.

I loved the first one back in the day. The ending killed me! Those that played..... do you remember saying.... "NOOOOOO!!!!"
Maybe I should dig that out and play again..... Blizzard, can you update the original's graphics and re-release? If movies can do it, why not video games.

I played D2 for a few years and enjoyed it, but I was too busy as a full time student and full time worker..... and then came the kids.
Born and raised in the boonies of Northern Alberta, a place considered myth by most. Early on in life a discovered I had a talent for Math and physics. Acing my grade 12 finals i aspired to be an aerospace engineer, soon after I realized I'm way too redneck for that $&@ and I'd rather do something I enjoy. Now I've returned to my roots and I'm a butcher/meatcutter.
I'm also strangely blessed/cursed with pure simian hands on both hands, which is quite rare and if you believe that palm reading mumbo jumbo give me a unique intensity most people can't match.
Not so many years ago I was not only smart, but in great shape winning ribbons and the such. Combine the smarts and the body I now aspire to be better than everyone, at everything. Don't take this as being fat headed, it's far from it I'm quite the humble person. I use it as a fuel, motivation, essentially my own in-house 'Yes man program' It has led to meeting quite a few interesting people and taught me a many useless and useful talents. Strong family ties has led me to BC now where my life continues.
I am Shano, Scholar, gentleman and bad$&@ with either book or knife, pleasure to meet you.
So nothing too exciting here. Raised in Phoenix, I spent a decade in the military before realizing I should settle down someplace less hectic. So I moved to NYC! Still here as a full time student and bar tender. Being a bar tender in New York is like being a therapist; people come to to you with problems and you help medicate them (with booze).

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