Highest proc rate AND aoe?

Demon Hunter
I still like going back to my favorite setup after trying new builds that come out (bola and ball lightning). I use bola as my main and I use ball lightning in 2 different ways. If I'm in trouble for hp I will spam ball lightning due to instant and fast life regen with sp and I can replisish all of my discipline in no time.

My question is, does anyone use any other skill that has such a high proc rate to replenish life and discipline as fast as ball lightning does?
For life steal: stacking 3 Spike Trap:Echoing Blasts work quite well too. Rapid Fire:Bombardment is AoE life steal that procs/ticks more at higher attack speed break points; same deal with Strafe:Demolition. Rain of Vengeance:Dark Cloud is decent for ranged play, whereas the Anathema rune is good if you're a static tank-and-spank player against large mob and it snapshots the life steal for the entire 15 seconds duration. There's also Multishot?

For AoE life on hit: Vault:Trail of Cinders, Sentry:Chains of Torment, Smoke Screen:Choking Gas are some good candidates.

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