Help in remaking my character.

Demon Hunter
I need help to redo my whole character. I am currently level 60 with paragon 2 and I was wondering if someone can

1) Recommend me new armor and weapons.

2) What stats should I just focus on to improve my DPS and survivability for inferno.

3) Recommend me a new build if needed.

For armor and weapons I really don't mind spending much so go ahead and just tell me what you would get and what are the benefits to that armor or weapon.

This is my current build.!bXf!cbZYbb

My current armor.
Craft a new Gloves, Bracer, Shoulders and Ammy. Those are your easy upgrades.

On Gloves go for Trifecta, or at very least AR, VIt, (DEX is a given), CC, CD, AS
Bracer, Dex, Vit, AR, CC.
Shoulders Dex Vit AR

Ammy: Dmg, Dex, AR, CC, CD, AS

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