need higher heroscore QQ

Demon Hunter
so i thought ehp factored in a lot for hero score but it turns out unbuffed dps does so much more with that. i went like no atkspeed on my gear and my unbuffed dps dropped from 500k to 406k after i converted my gearsets to do bombardment properly. any other viable build out there that can take advantage of atkspeed OTHER then rapidfire especially with shadowpower lifesteal going to be nerfed in the future, i dont want to really depend on snapshotting.

so tl:dr is im thinking about going back to atkspeed on gear and wondering if any other builds that can play mp10 as strong or almost as strong as bombardment snapshotting...with nerfs in mind for this build that can work in the future.
I don't think you should be building your character based on your diablo progress Hero Score. It is disgustingly miscued and really means !@#$ all. Why would you break your character just so you can have a higher ranking in a BS system?

The website doesn't take into consideration the skills you use. Then thing pretty much considers all SoJs trash if they aren't cold, but why the hell would you buy a cold SoJ if your skills won't proc it? The website also doesn't take skill specific bonuses into account. Let alone the fact that it doesn't constantly update all players. My friend was paragon 100 before I was, but I clicked the update button before him so it says I finished first. The website is flawed imo.

Personally I think your chasing a poisonous carrot on a stick, if your build works and you're comfy where you are at, screw what the pointless numbers say. Also Rapid Fire works fine with fast ApS, personally I think having punishment and nightstalker on your skill slots is a waste for rapid fire if you aren't stacking IAS.

I don't mean to offend you or anything, this is just how I feel about the website and your approach to rapid fire and ATM I don't think any build will really beat RF because of its currently overly buffed status in comparison to our other skills. There's nothing wrong with trying other builds though, I personally love Dieoxides Cold SoJ variation, more specifically Redcells variation.

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