Legendary drop rate Fixed before Lvl loaded

Items and Crafting
I feel drop rates are prefixed before loading in a Level or at least Increased or decreased when
loading into the level. You can almost feel if legendaries are going to drop once you start just by
the amount of Epics and Plans or just the amount of items dropping just killing trash .

I can go threw ActIII to Diablo and see one legendary or sometimes eight just in ActIII alone but you can sense the whole time if something going to drop or not .
When you start a level and you know Legendaries are going to drop everything is dropping epics , gems ,plans then you restart the level and everything is scarce.

Magic Finder Feels more like a tool for better Legendaries then Increased drop Rates . You can play easy and find Just as many or less per run then farming on Master IV or V which i like to do . I been restarting my runs depending on the first couple mobs drops and really feel that if epics and plans are not dropping your not going to see many legendaries ether .

Anybody else feel this way ? Lend me your thoughts ? or maybe im Crazy!!!
This is for console users

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