Console freeze part 3

Console Bug Report
Okay, since I figured no one can answer why this product sucks so bad that Or what is being done, if anything, to fix it that I would sacrifice my hardcore char items and character to try and prevent the freeze while playing core. (Which I have more time in) After the deletion I was able to play on my core barb for 7-8 hours, no problem. Was able to add items to my stash, no problem. Was able to enjoy the game with several randoms, made a few friends, was starting to forget how bad it really was. Jump on it today, excited to once again be able to play this game I actually paid for. Met with freeze after freeze after freeze, single player or multiplayer, does not matter. Nothing has changed from when my last session ended to this new session.

I have REALLY tried to enjoy this game. To minimize on gear gathering (which is kind of what the game is about) and extra chars, (down to just 5) just to enjoy this franchise. It could have been great. Really. Instead I haVe to worry about your product hard freezing my device. All. The. Time. I feel like I purchased cancer for my system. Good job guys. Keep up the hard work.
did you ever play Fable III ? that game had some bad bugs that they never fixed now the game is not even worth $10 and they gave it away for free.
Diablo III is as Broken as that game Fable III a game that was never patched.
we can only hope that Diablo 3 gets a patch that fixes this issue, if not Diablo 3 will be a POS game like Fable III... games that are fun until they break after hours of play.

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